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The weight on my heart

not sure where to start

Tears begin to fill my eye

I’m not even sure why

Why can’t I see

Why can’t I let it be

My vision is blurred

I wonder if I’ve been heard

I open myself to the world

Energy around me swirled

Beautiful and bright

I can see the light

Why can’t I feel it in me

Why can’t I just be free

Storms brewing behind

I can feel it in my mind

I feel left out in the open

is something in me broken

Why can’t I find the key

Why can’t I just up and flee

I must be strong and brave

Find the feelings that I crave

I have to find a way

Just wish it was today

The way ahead is clear

I must release my fear

Why and how don’t matter

Nothing but empty chatter

The weight must be lifted

My thinking to be shifted

I open my heart

This is where I start

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