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How can you ask this of me

There are others it should be

I have ignored and denied you

I once felt you forgot me too

A gift you have gave

A path you did pave

I struggle to find my way

Listening for what you might say

The road is overgrown

Lost or never known

I begin to build a tower

Soon to be final hour

The base I give all my coin

Passion I use to  join

Now going higher I build

more confidence I do wield

I feel the love in my spire

continuing up and even higher

My voice echoes over the land

I still can’t see from where I stand

Imagining what I’ll see at the top

Nearing the heavens I shall stop

Bliss reflects an image of me

A shining light for all to see

I now see the path you set

How big the wager you did bet

Your strength in me now renew

My faith in you tells me what to do

My heart’s song must be sung

Love’s bell must be rung

Fear and dark will be cast out

Light pushing out all other doubt

I will do what you have tasked

Knowing now what is asked

From all around us and above

I will embrace them with our love

Joy can be found once we are pure

Happiness abound that is sure

I long to feel again your grace

Warm and safe in your embrace

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3 years ago
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Thanks I'll be sharing one a day for the next few days.

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