Tired Soul

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Tired Soul

They tell me I chose this,
To live once again,
But why would I have came back
To walk in mans sin
To accend into a child
To be beaten and shamed,
Then tossed into a life
Of ugliness and blame.
Locked in the dark
Where demons run free,
Reaching for the light
That never shined upon me.
Forced to walk alone
In this thing they call life.
With the tools of the broken
While dodging their knife
Can someone please tell me,
Just one little hint
Where do I go and why I was sent?
I've never been a favorite
Or happily seen
Just a shadow on the wall
Until I meet their needs
As I look ahead, down my winding path
I can see death but that too is a task.
For the embarkment of fear
Of what , I do not know
Because as I look back, all I see is woe
What have I've done? what did I do,
But shine my love light
In a world full of shrews.
When it's time for this journey to end
I hope I have paid for many of man sins.
So their path will be brighten
by the Light of my lamp
And no child's spirit is thrown in the damp.
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4 years ago
1,195 posts
I don't know where these words came from, they sound so dark but come to me as I was showering.

If not from my heart, but from someone reading this, remember, you are loved.

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