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4 years ago
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As I wonder on my way,Down that crooked path of life. My feet are tired my mind is numb, how can I be sure footed ? For every step I seem to repeat , day after day after day. The beautiful faces with bad intentions hurting every one in their path.I notice arms reaching for me out of the dark mist , should I be scared? No, for I know these arms too well.The reach to me but not in harm but for healing light. my flame is burning out.Into a wind I stroll and smelled the stench of the foul and death but my eyes are blind to the smell for I have washed the filth from my skin long ago.I look ahead but not to see but to long for peace. I stop and look back and see tiny figments of shiny particles that scream to me. I stepped to help but felt familiar to the sights. They were tiny pieces of me I had lost on my journey , chipped away by time.
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