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By Meaning of Name

By Chezarey, 2018-07-22

"Chezarey" Is a name I designed for myself when I was roughly 15 years old.

"Cheza" is the name of a character from an anime, which I found absurdly beautiful. The name resonated with me so much I felt it was for me. I decided to add "rey" to the end to make it different from the character and more of my own. Over the years "Chezarey" has been my handle for everything. I have also taken additional spellings of "Chezaray" and "Chezarae" for periods of time.

Recently, I have begun trying to figure out what this name means. In my research I have tried breaking the name(s) down different ways:

Derivative of "Chezarina" which is latin " feminine form of Cesar "

"Chez" meaning " house of "
"Rey" meaning " king "

In hebrew - " God will multiply " -- Spanish " God will add " -- " names that start with Che are more often feminine names ."
" Za names are more often feminine names "

-- In this search I found "Zarah." Zarah is " White; flower " also, a form of Sarah, which happens to be my first name.
"Zara" means " Radiance " and a form of Sarah.
"Sarah" Hebrew for " princess "
Meaning " King "

I looked into the additional spellings, too. I am a firm believer in my intuition and know there will be some kind of meaning from this name.

Can be broken down in the same ways with the added ending "ray" instead of "rey"
Of English and Old German meaning " protecting hands " Old French meaning " king " Scottish meaning " Grace " Latin meaning "radiance "

Can also be broken down with the added ending of "rae"
Of Scottish is " Grace " and " another form of Ray "


The conclusion:

Starting with the prefix - with the discovery of "Chezarina" meaning " feminine form of  Cesar " and the description of "Che" and "Za" both saying " are more often feminine names " I would conclude "Cheza" to mean " feminine " or " feminine form "
I will not discount the Hebrew and Spanish meaning of "Che" being "God will add" - Especially since my given first name is also Hebrew.
I will also not discount "Za" pointing to "Zarah/Zara" which leads to my given first name (Hebrew) "Sarah" meaning " princess "
"Cheza" meaning " God will add feminine " " God will add femininity " or " God will add princess "

God will add femininity to king. God will add feminine king. God will multiply feminine-king

I decided to research what it means for God to add or for God to multiply, as this interpretation makes little sense. I do love and GREATLY identify with the idea of "Feminine King." I am female and identify as female, though, I do demand the respect and treatment of a man and do not mind being called "boy" "man" "dude" etc. At the same time I often dress pretty girly - I love pink, wear a lot of dark colors but usually a dress or skirts. In short, I suppose, I have a lot of gender fluidity? This is an issue for another time.
Googling "meaning of god will add" I came across
Psalm 115:14-15 I will be taking these numbers as a sign: 11 and 15 from the "115" and the ending 15.
" The Lord shall increase you more and more —  In number, power, and in all temporal and spiritual blessings, notwithstanding the efforts of your many enemies to diminish, weaken, and distress you. Hebrew,  יס Š  עליכם the Lord shall add to you,  namely, further and greater blessings."
Taking from the first sentence I would say Chezarey means "God will increase/assist power/spirit of the feminine king." As I am not Christian, another interpretation for God could be "universe" "source" "creator" So, I am not sure how to put into words the assistance and empowerment of feminine king. For now, "Feminine King" sounds perfect to me.

The ending of "ray" only suggests a descriptor of "graceful" or "radiant" King. Feminine and radiant king. I decided the radiant meaning is a better fit for "ray" as it related to the rays of a sun.

The ending of "rae" is pretty much the same as the ending "ray" - a descriptor of King. Feminine and graceful king.

In a slightly farther stretch and in relation to my crafted name - I am a Leo. Lions, "king of the jungle" are usually the animal symbol for kings and royalty.
In relation to "ray" ending, Leo is a fire sign with 'planet' ruling of the sun. Rays of the sun.
In another relation: feminine. Lions are mostly ruled by the females - the males are only there for protection and breeding.

Diving in deeper and a little more personal : Numerology.

My given name is different from my current, second "given" name. My mom gave me her last name until her and my biological father were married, when she had my last name changed to his.

3, 8, 11, 15, 22 have been associated with me though my life. I won't be getting into the significance here.

Original given name : 4 with 14 total characters

Second given name (current name) : 11 with 13 total characters **

First name : 11 with 5 total characters **

Middle name: 8 with 4 total characters

Original last name: 3 with 6 total characters ▲

Current last name: 1 with 5 total characters *

Chezarey: 1 with 8 total characters *, ∞

Chezaray Chezarae: 4 with 8 total characters 

I think it is very interesting that:
All spellings of my crafted name contain 8 characters, relating to the numerology of my middle name. ∞
Chezarey and my current last name have the same numerology number, 1, in addition, my current full name numerology comes to 11 (two 1's)
Chezaray and Chezarae have the same numerology number as my middle name, 4.
It is really, really cool to me that my crafted names relate to the two names that have been consistent in my life in two different ways.

My origional last name shares the characters C, K, E, Y with Chezarey and Chezaray.

So, in the end. Holy crap, intuition.

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