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I've been an empath all my life and gained some degree of additional abilities later on after I got sick. I was a psychiatric social worker, but am now disabled by Lyme Disease. My main interests are metaphysics, the paranormal, good reads and doing loads of research, and helping others with my illness. I love gardens, animals, and questioning absolutely everything!

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Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 2 weeks ago
Responded to "Healing the narcissist":
"I've seen some of R. Grannon's videos and they are often good, but as a former therapist, I disagree with this one. I do not see people who really suffer..."
Cheshire Cat
@cheshire-cat • 2 months ago
Responded to "Just Joined- Sad Movies":
"Welcome @gothceltgirl, I agree, the ASPCA ads with Sarah McLaughlin singing "In The Arms of the Angel" are the absolute worst of all. I have to mute the..."