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11/29/17 04:33:35PM @caliah:

I have been a Empath and knowing it a few years ago My Family member died and I was dead a sleep when I woke up and the phone rang and knew that My Uncle had died that's when it started for me then . Then a few Year's later I Had a dream my Granny was going to die I usually have dreams and she died that night we went to see her she was on her death bed in the Hospital I broke down and lost it and started to Cry and cry and scream and fell on my knees it was so bad what was this ?Then a few year's later My Step Mom's  Dad died we were never that close he was such a jerk but I was back in the Hospital and feeling very overwhelmed and sick and had a lot of anxiety and felt very tired and was feeling I didn't belong their and my Energy went from being Happy and relaxed to being very sad and upset and sick feeling and It's like I could feel everyone's emotions and sickness then when we left I felt so so tired I went home and slept for like 2 days straight I just felt so Drained of my Energy and exhausted what was this and did any other Empath go through something similar?