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Nocturne's Angel
12/03/12 06:50:56AM @nocturnes-angel:

Hi :)

You may want to actually ask either out loud nicely or in you mind what it is that you can do or how you can assist /help, etc.

If you get an answer then you will know why you arereceivingthe hum?

In my case:

I usually begin receiving this hum, then over time it progressively gets louder and itbeginsto sound like nails down a chalkboard and then a banshee screaming when a Spirit is trying to make contact with a loved one, etc. and cannot connect with the loved one so the Spirit goes searching for Someone to help make contact with the loved one.

01/07/13 06:19:14AM @bing:

Hi Arrivu

Welcome to the Library of Inspiration. If there is anything that you need answered just ask.

Throw some love into the wind.


01/07/13 06:19:43AM @bing:
Red Ribbon