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Sprirt Dream 02/14/17

By Angel, 2017-02-14
Sprirt Dream 02/14/17

I just woke up after my husband and I took a much needed nap. I often don't like sleeping in the afternoons because I seem to have the strangest dreams, but when Spirit comes, it's always in dreams I have at night, this was the first time it has come during an afternoon nap. I'm writing this down to keep a record of it since there appears to have an important message attached to it. Most of the dream I don't remember, as usual, just to the point where Spirit enters is what is written.  For me, Spirit often comes as people in the dream, but I can usually recognize them through looking at their eyes, they are usually more solid and is conscience. I this dream I missed it until the end.

My dream started with my two younger kids (now teenagers) when they were young, daughter was about 5 and my son about 4. (They are 15 months apart). We were being chased the creepy "The Ring" girl. She was chasing us around this hotel,trying to kill us. She also had a daughter with her. So the kids and I started running. My son fell behind and they almost caught him but I snatched him up just in time. We lost them for a short time and I stopped and talked directly to my son. I can't remember what he said, he just kept saying something wrong and I kept correcting him. I was just happy we were safe. They found us again and we started running. We were blocked in an area where we were trapped. My daughter ran up to the wall and shapeshifted into a maniquin, then my son sat up against the wall with his hands wrapped around his knee and also shapeshifter. But they weren't full maniquin, they just looked like it. Right around the corner I saw a door and ran into the room. I tried getting the kids to follow me, but my son smiled and said "no, he's got this". The creepy lady and her daughter were walking around the kids like they were confused and trying to find the kids. I knew it was only a matter of time before they found them, so I decided to distract her. I opened while standing behind it. When they were walking through the doorway, I slammed the door on her a few times, she held something in her hand and cut me with it. I finally hit them enough times to take them down long enough for me to run past them and grab the kids. As we were runnning, the dream switched to the creepy lady giving my blood to some scientist guy who wanted to use my blood to track us down. Then it switched back to the kids and I. We kept running and had my son in hand and my daughter was right behind us, then she disappeared. I started freaking out but I knew they didn't have her, but we had to find her before they did. We walked by an open doorway and I saw her run across something out of the corner of my eye. I went in and grabbed I asked why separated from us and she said she didn't, we left her. I told her we didn't leave her, I looked back and she was gone and she looked at me in the eye and said "But Mommy, that's how they get you, when you let things get in the way." And then I woke up.

I don't know who the Spirit is, I just know this is a message, an important one. I know who "they" are, but the rest I will need to figure out, soon.

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Another Journey

By Angel, 2015-05-23

OMG! I am SOOO excited but I had to share this awesome story with you! Ok, so I saved a little money and left my job in March in order to try to pursue my dream and that is building a business doing angel readings. This is a huge leap of faith as I am the sole provider for the 5 of us. The dream is actually bigger then that but I have to start somewhere. To he plan was to go onto my old site and start doing video chat readings, since I started doing well with it 3 years ago. I probebly shouldn't have even left but that's another story. So I went back to the site and the only paid readings I seemed to get where from perverts who didn't want a reading, they wanted me to strip. There is no way in hell I was going to do that, if I wanted to be an adult entertainer, I would be elsewhere not on a psychic site! GEESSHHH! how lame are these people...anyway's, so I prayed. I'm scared because there is no way I can make this work. And then I got an e-mail from this place that was doing recruitment for a whole lot of psychics. I looked into it and almost walked away but something told me to do it, so I did. They called for an interview because I also wanted to do phone and video. I choked. For some reason our energies did not mix well, but she hired me for video chat, since I guess they didn't require a test reading first. I was a bit worried because the site is really slow. I got a few paid readings, but it's not going to be enough. I'm getting worried and can't tell you how many times I thought about throwing in the towel. This doesn't include all the spiritual attacks we have been under since starting this. It's almost like a spiritual battleground, Angels fighting for me and demons fighting against me, lol. Yesterday I went to a web-site that I often go to get free angel card readings. It's computerized but since I know how to read those cards, it can be quite accurate. So I go to the and I'm inspired to have a vision for where I want to take this. I looked at one of the tabs and it led me to a video. It was last week's video Angel reading forecast and I felt drawn to listen. So, ok, if they are telling me to listen to it, then it must be important. So I listened to it and I swear that reading was for me! WOW! (Now I know it was because the video was gone this morning). But I also noticed the deck she used and it was Doreen Virtue's Angel tarot deck. I was immedietly drawn in. I went to youtube to look at more reviews and see if I could get a better connection. Then I found the ArchAngel Power Tarot and now I was excited! I wasn't for sure which deck though that they wanted me to have. So today I went to a bookstore and they only had the Angel Tarot, so my husband and I went to a metaphysical store in the next town to see if they had it. The owner just stared at me as my husband I walked in. I guess me energy was strong,haha. So anyway's they didn't have the deck so we picked up a smudge stick and paid for it. As we were beginning to leave I noticed the psychic there had also been staring at me. It wouldn't have been to strange if we were the only people, but there was quite a few other people there. Anyway's so we left and I called another bookstore and again the only one they had was the Angel Tarot. So I'm like ok, I guess this is the deck they want me to have, so I bought the deck and brought it home. I told them that I would need a serious crash course because I didn't have months to learn this. So I opened it and started shuffeling the deck. I got a few cards that seems to be accurate but the energy felt to confusing, which is the problem I had with the tarot. I decided to do something I never do and that was to read the book, at least to see if there was some theme or pattern to it. Nope, didn't work so I thought, what if I seperate the major and minor cards. I could use the major to give me a more specific direction and the minor cards will just giveme a more overall feel for the major cards. Come to find, Doreen Virtue does the same exact thing!! hahaha. So I started going the past present and future spread. It came out so easy but I soon realized that the future cards were only telling me what would happen if I continued my current path, and had no resolution, so then I was guided to grab my arch angel oracle deck and sure enough, it completeld the whole reading completely beuatifully and also showed me that the future was not carved in stone. This was their message on how to proceed and even change it if needed in a positive way! It was so beautiful! So I did myself and then my husband. I got to practice with it a little but I really think this is a really positive direction for me!! I'm really excited, I just had to share !! !

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Angel Message for WK 05/22/2015

By Angel, 2015-05-22

Peace- Archangel Chamuel :

"Peace comes from remembering that only love is real" (Doreen Virtue ArchAngel Deck)

The message I have for this week is peace. With summer right around the corner and things are in full swing, so are all the stresses of everyday life, The Angels are asking you to take a little time to find the inner peace. This inner sanctuary will provide you the place to go when then the world around you has tuned upside down. Invision this place, and be creative. You know what things bring you peace. This your own sacred space that is shared with noone unless you choose, so make it your own!!

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Angel Message for WK 05/10/2015

By Angel, 2015-05-12

Take Joy In Life

Life is an adventurous journey that is meant for discovery. Each day brings with it a newness that is different each and every day. Don't be afraid to travel beyond the horizon for the hidden treasures are worth the journey. Seeking, searching, is fueled by passion and desire to discover what is unknown, what is still waiting to be discovered. Vision is the road map, your gifts are the tools,each were carefully selected just for you and tor guide you. Take joy in your life and you will fulfill you purpose.

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By Angel, 2015-05-11

Ok, it's time for some serious automatic writing and hopefully the Angels of God will give me some answers.

Ok, so I was changing the song on my player and when I wasn't thinking of anything I hear a child to my right. So I'm going to try and connect with her.

Who are you?


Why are you?

I'm scared.

Of Who?

The Shadows. I came her to warn you, they are coming. They are angry.


Your taking them away from them.

Right, their battery packs.

No, it's more then that. Look within your soul. Imagine it gone. The shadows are empty. They make the emptiness bigger. They feed the void with darkness. There is no more greater darkness then within the human soul. When the soul is dead, it is dead.

But it's all energy so it can't go away, just change.

Once it's changed the emotions leave, the memories leave, there is nothing left and that energy becomes dark. It becomes part of the void. The void consumes. It's dark, it's scary because it's nothing. Imagine living in nothing.

Your describing what many call hell.

They become prisoners.

I just saw a white orb outside my window. That's not usually good sign.

Remember love. That's why you are getting all of these memories. You remember what heaven feels like. You remember what it felt like to stay earthbound. Remember human life and the importance of it. Remember your pain, your joy, remember life. They are not after souls just to take souls, they are wanting to take life. And the best way to take life is by them desiring death. Sadness, apathy, meaningless exsistance, having no purpose.

You are light, you are the gatekeeper and you remind them of the light. You remind them of the better things of life. With each soul that crosses, the void cannot grow. It stay's the same. The smaller the void, the smaller the portal.

What happens when the souls go into the void?

They become of of them, the dark ones. The nothingness consumes their humanity until there is nothing left. They become the shadows.

I thought shadows were concentrated negative energy.

No, only a few. Most come from the void. This is what becomes of them when there is nothing left. Their job is to snuff the light from those who have life.

So why start when they are alive?

It is easier to break them down. When they die, they become what they left the earth as. It's easier because the will is to no longer care. This is why both jobs are equally important.

Who am I? You are one of them. You came from above. You came to join the fight. They know you. They sense you just as you sense them. You are just as dangerous to them as they are to you.

What happens to the earth, the physical realm when the portal is completely open?

You have seen the beginning results in the place you call home. Death, destruction, darkness, pain. This becomes the demise of mankind.

What about the law of free will? They can't change that.

No, but when a humans will is broken down they are so low they no longer care, and therefore freewill is non-exsistant. It's free-game, as they call it. Whoever get's to that soul first, get's the soul, but when a soul is so dark, it's almost impossible for the light to get close enough.

This is some heavy duty stuff your talking about.

It's nothing you didn't already know. You were't drawn to the game without reason. You had a purpose. You think now about what you could do that would be great enough to actually make a change. Back then, it didn't matter, the only thing you knew is that you had to at least try. It's that spirit that will keep mankind alive. It's this spirit that will keep the void from fully opening. You are drawn to that show for a reason, but this is on a much greater scale and everyone who is called in needed . In the end, mankind must make a decision, one soul at a time. That is why that fire was so strong when you were young. You thought you couldn't make a difference. But you already have. Each and every soul that you crossed over. Each and every soul that your words have touched. Each soul has been touched by light and that light grows. Just as a fire, the fire can go either way, it can feed are grow brighter and brighter or it can die. Please remember this message. I am leaving now. I see my grandmother in the light. My mother and father will be coming to you one day. Tell them I am with Nana in the light and I am ok.

What is your name?

Amanda Henley.

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By Angel, 2015-05-11

I've been having alot of visitors in my dreams the last month or so. But then again, I have been having alot of spiritual "deja vu's" feeling things I recognized from before but not really knowing what it is. I have no doubt that this is merely a symptom of reawaking.

The first dream I had was about 4 weeks ago. I had this dream of my Guardian Angel literally "crashing" my dream! It was a little off, but it was nice to know he was letting me know I was being watched over.

Then a week and half after that I had another dream. It was a demon, though in my dream he was saying he was satan. I walked past him when I noticed him. He told me that I was a Nephilium and that God would never accept me because of my gifts. I kind of ignored him and the dream . I walked out of the house and there was a carnaval ride. This lady was trying to climb out of it and instinctively I placed a protective shield around her before I woke up.

Last night, my husband told me to remember to put a protective shield around everyone and the house before I went to sleep. We stayed up really late and needless to say I forgot, even though I knew something was there. I went to sleep and the spirit came into my dream. It was creepy, weird, like I could see my side, but I was also channeling him and could see it through his eyes, and he seemed higher then a kite. I knew he was on something, but it wasn't a drug that anyone had heard of before. So I tried to get away from him, and then ended up in a place where there were more. But the second one was like him, solid. They seemed more annoying then anything but I knew they were dangerous and were capable of killing people. I finally woke up and it's been a long time since I'd been that scarred. I felt the presance of someone in the house and there were creepers (little shadow creepy crawlers) around my face and neck. I forced myself to get the courage to cleanse. I must have called upon every Angel in heaven, God and everyone in the higher realms,lol. I started placing protective shields around everyone and finally had enough strength to give it the boot. I told my husband about the dream and he told me when he woke up he saw a man standing over me and described the male in my dream to a T. I asked him why he didn't wake me up, he said because he didn't want to wake me and he saw it so quick, he wasn't even sure he really saw. I don't think that will happen again,lol.

I always know when I have an intruder in my dream, more specifically a spirit because it's always vivid and they are always solid. Their energy is always stronger then any energy in the dream, it's kind of strange but I always seem to know the difference between a dream and them.

I'm beginning to remember now why I started shutting down, or at least some of the reasons for it. I watch alot of Long Island Medium and I see so many Mediums who talk to the crossed over spirits, and wished I could do that, but I'm beginning to understand that I'm not much like Thersa, I'm more like Melinda, I get all the creepy earthbound and lost souls. I don't know why, but this is my calling. I have come to the conclusion that I have been haunted by earthbound spirits probebly since the day I was born and I will be haunted by them til the day I am gone. The earthbound spirits I can handle, but I'm still trying to figure out why the non-human spirits try so hard to trip me up. They don't always lie, in fact, they enjoy telling the truth alot because it makes us doubt what is truest to our hearts. I also know they don't want me to do readings. I don't know why. I don't know if other Mediums are constantly under "spiritual attack." I place some heavy duty protections around us and they work well, but it literally feels like I am in the middle of some weird spiritual war zone! I can't stop doing what I do because I feel it so strong but I do remember why I have been pushing my gifts away. It's something I have been struggeling with my entire life. I've come to the conclusion a few years ago that no matter how detached I become, they still come. .The only differance is that I can't feel them or sense them as clearly. Where as before I knew exactly what I was dealing with, right now, I get bits and pieces. I should have seen the man, my husband saw him and he' s not even psychic , but I didn't see him until I was asleep and he came in my dream. For some reason my perception is stronger in my dreams. It doesn't stop, no matter what I do it won't stop. So if fate comes in and it can be changed, what do you do? You accept your path, your calling and you make a plan.

All I know is I need to figure this stuff out and quick!

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Distrurbing Dream

By Angel, 2015-04-10

My husband and I were watching Ancient Aliens this morning. It's one of his favorite shows, it's a good exchange since I am not a huge fan, but in return I get to watch Ghost Whisperer, a show he utterly hates. He wanted us to lay down a take a nap. I was tired but a bit resistant. Usually is I nap when I'm really tired I will sleep for a long time and then I wasted the afternoon without getting anything really done. So I told him to keep the tv on I wouldn't go into a deep sleep. I feel into a deeper sleep anyway's. I don't really remember most of the dream but towards the end I was in a room and this demon looking thing came out of nowhere when I walked past. In my dream I knew him to be satan, but for some reason I wasn't scared. He just looked at me and said "you know, he's never going to accept you, your a nephalum or nephillum. No matter how much good you do, that won't change who you are. It's just how it is." I walked away kind of blowing him off and then I was trying to wake up. I walked outside and kept trying to open my eyes. I couldn't open them well, but I saw a carnival ride really high up. It was like a cage that would spin and would hold 6 or 7 people. It was supposed to spin slowly but it started going really fast and all the people in the cage fell on each other. It was weird because I remembered that moment and it felt like a memory. Then an older lady was trying to run to a small opening and hung her head out, I think, it also looked like she was trying to crawl out of the ride because it was spinning so fast. She fell out and was hanging on to a metal bar. She was going to fall and die, but I still couldn't keep my eyes open, so I quickly threw a protective shield around her and the the others in the cage. As soon as I did that I heard a police car driving by and then I woke up.

Granted, Ancient Aliens was on still, but I always know when a spirit enter's my dreams. Their energy is always specific, more solid and I remember everything. I'm not really sure what this spirit was trying to accomplish, maybe to derail me or make me second guess God or doing what I do.I know that demons often lie, but they often tell us the truth as well, especially if they are trying to make us second guess God, making it seem like he is hiding secrets or something. They way see it , is that maybe I am descended from Angels, how cool is that! Maybe a half breed, but cool all the same. Kind of fitting for my online name Mystic Angel,lol. But his "message" didn't bother me at all, he didn't scare me, I should have been quaking, but wasn't. think I knew he wasn't there to physically hurt me, knew he was after my soul, and t makes me realize how solid really am n my belief system. I always knew was here for a very long time and always felt drawn to the earth. I have also seen what I believe to be a form of heaven. I know God is with me and I know that he helps me, so if am such an evil creature and I will never be accepted, then why does he keep helping me out? I guess whatever the reason, it didn't work. It's not the first time they have come to bring doubt.

My biggest concern was the woman. I don't know if it was a premonition, but hope the protection around her helped. I will post if I ever find out myself.

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By Angel, 2015-03-21

I felt you today. I can't describe the feeling I felt, but from time to time it has been a reminder that there you are here and with me. That feeling always comes and goes so quickly, like a deja vu. Today it reminded me when I felt you in San Diego many, many years ago, which always brings me back to the first time I felt you, the day when I was 7or 8 and I left Oregon. I didn't really know what it was,I just know that...I knew. One moment of time, a very short moment to glimpe the feeling of, I'm not even sure, something greater then this world. I have no doubt you set it up this way for me as a compass in my life.

I'm being feeling lately a mix of emotions. Alot of people talk alot about ego, I'm not sure it's ego, but moreso thinking way to much. I have been wanting to simply stop thinking and just do. To be guided without analyzing. To know without doubt. This is how I have spent most of my life and when I started discovering who I am and what these "abilites" are, I seemed to have lost my way. I have forgotten who I am, why I am here, but most of all I have forgotten how to know I can and not worry about how I can't. You have never left me and in triumph and failure, you carried me. It's these beautiful one second moments where I remember everything and nothing all at once. I'm reminded that I am a spiritual being not just mortal. I'm tired of thinking. I'm tired of being afraid. It was simple in that moment because that feeling is so strong.

I'm getting closer and closer to the day that my life changes, but I think I'm trying to hard, thinking to much. It's good to plan but I think I'm supposed to remember to trust. I could stay in that state forever and be happy. It's intoxicating. What a way to soften any hardened heart. This is my path, I know it with my entire being. I can't fail because it's exactly where I am supposed to be.

I remember now. It's like the veil of heaven and earth. Isn't that what seperates heaven and earth, simply a veil. Heaven and earth are joined which allows God and his creation to connect. It's what allows the Angels to fly freely here and to help us. Imagine for one brief moment having a glimpse of heaven and feeling it here. Some far away place being right here. There really is something greater, some dimension that is here and not here all at the same time.

I know this sounds insane, but I felt you, I felt heaven and I have felt it from time to time my entire life. I know that when I am truely seeking you, is when I feel it the most. Not when I'm thinking, or asking, and when my life is great or has gone to hell, it doesn't come when I consciously seek, it just comes out of nowhere when I don't have a thought in my head. Today it was when I was driving and I wasn't thinking about anything, and there you were. Same in Oregon when I was young and leaving the state. Same in San Diego when I was walking home from work and looked to the sky.

Damn, this is one humbling moment because I remember that feeling and it touches the deepest and darkest part of my soul. It's so humbling. In this place, pride does not exsist. There is no pain. There is no doubt. It's a feeling and no feeling. It's knowing and not quite sure what you know just something beautiful, and something great. This is my gift, my light straight from God himself to me. I'm meant to remember. I asked to be opened because after my last job, it killed my soul and I became hard. But as an Empath, it's to difficult to feel only pain, i will drown, and I don't think I'm meant to. My power doesn't come from within, it's come from above, it always has. If every person could feel what I felt for just one moment, this world would be.

It's humbling because I had no idea how much apathy I have been feeling. How selfish I really have become. This moment has tore down the walls I have raised and what exactly what I needed. You always seem to know what we need and it always seems to come at exactly the right moment. The pendulum is finally balanced once again.

I know where this started. I know exactly when it started. I didn't want to feel the way I did, but I couldn't help it. I get it now. We can't exsist on our own. We were not created to exsist on our own. We need each other, we need love, we need understanding, and we need to be reminded of who we are, but more important we need to remember we are not alone. We need to remember where we came from, that there is something greater out there and we are a part of that. We are part of this earth, but the breath of light is spirit and that spirit didn't come from here, it came from the most beautiful place out there.

The veil is wide open right now and I remember it all now. I feel the power and I remember who I am. I remember how powerful I am and I remember where that power comes from, it comes from you. I see you smiling at me. You don't feel so far away now. All the pain, everything I have been going through doesn't seem to matter, and not because I don't care in a hopeless way, it's because it doesn't matter because I can clearly see the road ahead and it's a beautiful road. The old just fell away and I am so excited about the new. I'm almost in tears right now because I finally get it! Because you touched my heart in a way that can't be explained and I feel so humbled and honored to be able to have the gifts I have and to be able to share them with everyone. Thank you so much. I hope I never get that lost again.

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