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11/21/17 08:44:37AM @gardentiger:

Hi there,

Sure, take your time, would be interested to hear what you experienced, I felt so awful and shattered after this recent encounter, it took me a week to recover and I still feel the aftermath, even though there was no tangible reason for it as we are not even together and that's not even what I want?! It happened to me before but with a relative stranger, not with a friend. And I seem to be getting the same kind of pain from them every time regardless. Very strange but I guess there must be a reason for that.

11/22/17 01:56:52AM @gardentiger:

Hi there, I think you are right, we need to talk about this topic which we both avoid at all costs at the moment for some reason! I’ll see him in person again quite soon and will try to talk about it and see where that goes and what we do from there..

Yes, you are describing exactly the feelings I had at the time when all this mess started, this is what I picked up from him I think! So I believe this is his ‘stuff’ you are getting, not mine (or a combination of both?). It got a lot better for me in the past days, after reading online, grounding myself and cutting emotional ties, but maybe this echoes still through me and my posts online, whenever anyone reads it :(

Thank you for the link, I read through and it is eye-opening, much of it applies to myself as well!!

That’s exactly also it for me.. I envy his lifestyle because I feel now that I could never be the person leading it. But I think the universe is trying to tell me something it cannot be a coincidence that I met him, perhaps I need to come out of my shell a bit as I was quite reclusive a few months back and am now slowly opening up to the world again. This is what attracts me to him, but it was more on friendship level so far and now it looks like it’s turning into something else/more and that is when the emotional bomb kind of went off! I’m sorry you had to experience a similar situation in the past. Much strength to you and take care!