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    @bing • one week ago
    Started a discussion "11:11":
    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth     Sherlock Holmes..."
    @wasto1993 • 4 weeks ago
    Responded to "Two souls in one body":
    "One Soul in only one body but mind a lot "
    @chrisis • 2 months ago
    Responded to "Very unempathic: venting, getting worked up and upsetting people":
    "Just came back to this post by accident - and it does fit a situation I have currently. I still havent learned how not to blow up ! 😅 Will..."
    @abril • last year

    Hello to everyone!

    I'm a Social Worker who lives in Aguascalientes, México... I'm 34 years old and I've recently struggle with my emphatic abilities, because in my work I see very strong cases of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence...

    I want to know if some of you have some advice for me... :)

    Love and Gratitude for you all !! 

    Abril Muñiz

    @pathlogy • last year


    @eliselebeau • last year
    Wow @hop-daddy, you're about to reach 1000 posts!  Whoohoooo!!!!
    @jerrysto • 2 years ago
    Hoping to be able to chat with someone because when I feel a persons evil, pain, guilt, sorrow I take it into my self and they walk away feeling uplifted, better so to speak.
    @holly5757 • 2 years ago
    Does being empathetic ever make your relationship with a significant other very strained? I feel me knowing things that he isn't telling is really wrecking havoc. Of course he just thinks I am "crazy". :(
    @wiseriverowl • 2 years ago
    So lately I have been having a hard time sleeping, So I started to listen to rain to help me relax. I have found that I have been sleeping better, and my dreams are clearer. I still have the night mare of him asking me back and me stupid enough to do it. then I wake up and realize it was just a dream.
    @mypath • 3 years ago
    Could anyone recommend some books on empath regarding the why, how and how to deal with the ability are the curse? I believe I've read everything on the web.
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