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Loosing Energy

By: Karen2
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I don't know what's happening...I have my suspicions...but that's all they are....I feel as if I'm leaking energy through tiny holes in my energy field....last week it felt like I'd been released from something...I suddenly felt really good...my energy started to expand and I had lots of energy...that continued for a couple of days and I was so grateful....then it started again...felt like something dark clamp down around me.....felt and heard such anger and hatred and pain throughout my body both inside and out...I managed to clear a lot of it but the feeling of pain and discomfort continues....and the energy loss continues....I don't know what to do about this...I just know I have to find someway to stop it...

04/19/16 11:31:09PM @karma:

Hi Karen - Its been a while :)

You say you have your suspicions as to what this is - Do you think something has latched on to you?

04/20/16 07:34:06PM @womanwhowalks:
Hi...someone is practicing magic on me...has a poppet...voodoo doll or something...if I didn't have my abilities I wouldn't know what it was that was happening...the doll has been active for a few years now....they stick the pins in which I feel...right through my body...I keep trying to take the energy off... from both me and that doll...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. ..they'll take the pins out and I feel the pins being withdrawn ....I Start feeling better and my energy expqnds. ...and who ever it is sticks more in and i'm 8n instant pain and i feel blocked....i'm not really blocked..but i sure feel those pins it does affect the energy and it IS quite painful....people say I should just ignore it...that no one can hurt me that way if I just don't THINK about it...which is a crock...that 8 should send this person forgiveness and love...uh huh...right...i've been attacked in this way for 4 years...suffering thru physical pain not caused by any natural illness...and i'm fed up with it...I need that doll destroyed...sometimes i'll have a few days rest then suddenly the pain comes back all at once...it just started again...got pins in my gums..back...chest...arms...they stick pins in my organs...ALL over...and I keep quiet cause no one believes anyone would use a doll in that fashion...I just want to say to those who are dabbling with this type of stuff...please just go punch the person in the face if your annoyed with someone....I'd be more impressed with that than attacking someone in this fashion where I can't confront you in person to tell u to stop....it's cowardly and evil...i'm very frustrated...
04/21/16 01:12:06AM @karma:

If this is true (not doubting you believe this is happening) Have you tried meditating on the doll itself?

I totally understand what you say regarding sending love and forgiveness - There is no purpose nor sense in loving and forgiving an ongoing attack, an abuser.... basically in doing so it is mere allowance for that behaviour to continue - The only time love and forgiveness serves a purpose is when a person has repented to themselves and consumed with guilt.

One thing I do know concerning the dark arts is, if you are aware of the attack you can indeed fight it - A little bit of magic can always be reversed - it is why the advice is to never practice because the user of it can indeed suffer tenfold if not careful.

You can try to visualize it as yourself in the form of a doll, imagine whoever is trying to attack it is sweating their DNA into the doll through their touching of it, they are becoming the doll themselves.... and imagine each time they attack you, they feel the pain they are inflicting. When they stop, the pain stops and so on

Let me know how you get on

04/22/16 08:36:00PM @womanwhowalks:

Lol...believe me I've looked into that and I'm really not comfortable with doing the things being dun to me to anyone....it all feels so negative and I don't think they're worth the money I would need to spend or time it would take to actually send it back....I've done a few things in an attempt to protect myself from this or these people...yet they still persist...I don't want to be like them....I just want them to leave me alone....after I posted the last post I felt the pain kind of deflate so if someone here helped out I thank you....but it started again...this time the pain is mostly in my gums...left side for some reason...but I feel other sensations of paib starting up throughout my body...they're just taking their time...wiggling the pins to cause the most pain...there is a pattern to this...

04/23/16 12:47:05AM @karma:

I understand you do not want to participate in reflecting back negativity

However you honestly feel and believe you are under attack therefore will be subject to experience it.

Maybe imagine your entire body as impenetrable? Visualize nothing can harm you? Believing these pins are harming you - focus on pins dissolving as they touch the doll?