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Heart Chakra Wounds. ...Need Advice Please

By: Karen2
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Something happened a few years ago...I was attacked by a spirit/being while living in my other house...it scratched me down my chest...3 long scratches...one down the center through my heart Chakra and 2 on either side..was extremely painful...it did this 2x. Then some time later another being/spirit covered the scratches with a band aid /patch...seemed to fuse it directly to my energy body...now..the concerns I have are..can a wound of this nature to the energy body heal?..and could this patch be blocking the Chakra. ..I don't know who did the patching...although I do know it was done to assist me. ..and I don't know what type of energy was used...I want to try removing the patch...but am hesitant since I don't know if the wounds have healed. ..I don't want to remove it then need to put it back on...I don't know if that being/spirit is around anymore..if I need a repatch job..lol...so if anyone has any kind of info about this I'd really appreciate it...
02/10/16 10:29:59PM @womanwhowalks:
I've been having trouble figuring out what's wrong with my heart Chakra. ..I try to clear it cause it feels so full and painful...I can't tell if it's balanced...it doesn't seem to expand or contract properly and when it does it's painful...it feels overly sensitive....
02/11/16 03:06:18AM @retrogirl:
I feel like your desire to remove the patch is an indication that it's ready to happen. Kind if like a scab that gets itchy when it's ready to come off.