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Need help figuring this out...before I get fired

By: Karen2
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I'm having difficulty figuring something out...it has to do with my work...now...while on the job I was assaulted 2x...which is a trauma I know...it's not something pleasant...but I have to work...there's something blocking me...almost every week there's a strong urge to NOT go...ie...call in sick...I've been fighting this...it starts out as a niggling thing and I insist that I MUST go to work...but as the time for me to leave gets closer the insistance get stronger till it takes over my brain and I give in...this feels like an outside influence to me...not something in my subconscious...I mentioned the assaults because I don't want you to think I'm not aware of what could be causing the issue psychologicaly...I've been trying to find where in my subconscious these messages are coming from if in fact that's where they are...my knees are also an issue as they tend to lock up after sitting so long and are painful so I don't look forward to work from that aspect...I'm not enthusiastic about spending my day on a bus with so much energy...but I LOVE driving buses...I'm getting into trouble at work for my absences....and I need to figure out what's going on...my guides are doing their best to get me out the door...it's such a struggle tho...the reason I think it comes from outside is that the suggestions seem to arrive or pop up during certain days of the week...and a wave of energy passes through my house..last saturday was bad...I felt like I was suddenly punched in the gut...and I was suddenly sick...and I vomited...a few times...the energy in my livingroom was weird...after throwing up...I returned to my livingroom and immediately vomited again...when there was nothing left in my stomach to throw up..I felt better...but again back in th livingroom I felt sick again...but...the energy had moved...I found it in front of my front window....and then in a corner...I would walk up to these areas and I felt instantly sick...so I scattered ceder round these areas and that seemed to help...i went to work that day...and I felt this energy throughout the city...I'd hit certain areas and I'd feel sick to my stomach...would pass through the energy and feel better on the other side...I ate fairly light that day...but I can't help but think that the energy I felt that day is the source of my problem...and I don't know what to do about it...it's gonna get me fired if I don't find a solution...oh...and on that saturday I called in sick...but then called em back because my stomach felt much better ...and got my work back...

12/17/15 05:35:12PM @womanwhowalks:

This energy wave I feel seems to arrive at certain times as well...sometimes it arrives a few hours b4 I leave for work...or at the last minute...it seems to coincide with my work schedule....but it may be a coincidence. ...although I don't believe in those too much....lol

12/17/15 06:05:10PM @lotusfly:
I used to dread going to work when I worked a desk job in an office. I thought it was a good job and that sitting down in front of a computer all day was the perfect job for me because I disliked physical jobs at that time (6 years ago). Turns out, the universe had different plans for me.Even though change is scary when we don't want it, sometimes we need to, and everything will push you in that direction whether you willingly go with it or fight against it. Regardless, it will happen eventually. If something is painful for a long time, you are definitely not following the right path. A leap of faith can be scary, but it is necessary and usually the right thing to do.But before you do anything, asap sit down and meditate on it. Clear your mind and ask your soul/God a question and then wait and listen for the answer. If you need to, ask another question to clarify or gain more information, and listen again, repeating this until you decide what you should do. But never intervene during the answers. Let the answers come to you...and they will :)Peace and love~
12/17/15 06:37:43PM @womanwhowalks:
Thank you....i'm supposed to be working here....I didn't want to at 1st...but I went through with it...it was for my own safety....everything that happened to me in the last few years was planned...and I needed a job that would support this transition in a way that I had access to financial help....and this job provides that...plus...I really love driving buses...I have control over what I choose to drive...can work more or less hours...choose my days off...I can choose between a split shit or a strait shift...I can sell my work and take a day off...although I'm sitting...i'm still not in an office... i can open a window for fresh air...and I get paid well...kinda. ..lol...they take too much in taxes...i'm talking about an external energy source that I feel in the atmosphere that seems to go out across the city at certain days and times...and it's awful energy...there's nothing good about it at all....
12/17/15 06:39:41PM @womanwhowalks:
When the time comes for me to move on from this job...i'll know...I don't think it's now...
12/25/15 07:59:56PM @laog:

Well this time of year people are stressed because of getting gifts and stuff maybe you felt a bunch of stressful energy(well around the time you posted this lol not peak Christmas gifts buying time at this time). Or you are being targeted by who knows what. If you are being targeted I think meditating helps a lot it can help you stay calm even when you are afraid if that makes sense, after you a lot of practice you can just switch into calmness almost whenever you want. Also I read about something like people with rhesus negative blood type being susceptible to paranormal phenomena maybe you are in that category as well.