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Dinner with thecfamily

By: Karen2
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So...while at my parents I again encountered the guy causing me trouble....as I sat in the family room he kept telling me he didn't like me...I felt a heavy energy for most of my visit...pressing in pretty close....almost as if he were trying to intimidate me...then he'd bounce to my mom and have her get a few digs in...I know what he's trying to do...I sit there and can't believe that no one in the room with me can feel this energy....I get very frustrated...can't help if...cause I can't respond the way I want to...out loud and in his face...I'm getting he's not human...and I'm kinda fed up with being picked on...I'm not sure how to get him to move out without taking my smudge bowl in...does anyone have any ideas to move him out of our family without telling my parents? ...lol...I feel like kid...lol

Scott Yates
10/11/15 09:35:40PM @scott-yates:

I have found that when someone is sending negative energy,if you'll overload them with positive energy, they'll either leave you alone or just leave. That's what I do. And it works. I can't count how many times someone has said "I can't stand you" and leave my life because I've overloaded them with clear positive energy.

10/11/15 10:44:38PM @womanwhowalks:

I'm not really sure how to do that..do I plug into the entity? Does the energy come from me? He's with my mom...and I want him to leave her house and her...I've told him I don't really wanna kick him out...just not to be a jerk...I don't think he cares all that much...cause he keeps interfering in a negative way...I'm not exactly angry at him as I know it's what he does naturally....just fed up...

Scott Yates
10/12/15 03:51:55AM @scott-yates:
Depends on how you would send energy normally. If you pray, pray good things for him. If you meditate, invision him changing into a better person and filling with wondrous white light while pushing out the dark. When in person, don't show that anything he says bothers you. Give him kind eyes and smile. Say things like, "Why are you so bitter? Can't you just accept the love this family has to offer and be happy?" in a sincere kind voice. And show concern. Yeah it seems like an act or sarcasm, but not only does it deter the slurs, but it also helps you to change your own negativity as well.
10/12/15 11:00:42AM @womanwhowalks:

Lol...thanks...I'm not really upset at being told by invisible people they dislike me....lol...I've heard it so much over the past few years I just laugh now....and say SURE you do...it's the goading that gets me...I can't tell my parents about my ability...they think it's a sign of mental illness....and this guy takes advantage of it...I have seen this spirit actually separate from her...was a bit freaky....she was acting and saying things...her face and eyes changed when he separated from her...and her attitude suddenly changed...in certain areas of the house she'll suddenly pause...and say something totally not relevant and mean...it's like he jumps in and jumps out...he's a humanoid shape...and short...she's not aware of what's happening...and he's puting my mom in the position of giving and receiving negative energy....I have no idea how she really is without this guy around....and I can't help but get angry at her for saying hurtful things...which isn't fair cause it's not always her...he plays us agains each other...

Scott Yates
10/12/15 12:09:50PM @scott-yates:
I'm sorry. I was under the impression he was alive. In that case, there's many thing u can do. A blessed necklace will keep him out of your mother or even a blessing on her. Sounds like he's feeding off her with all the jumping. He taunts u bc hes afraid of u. Like a dog growling at a spirit. U have the power to defeat him and he knows it. If you can find a place in the house that you feel him strongest, you can draw him there for the battle and get rid of him.
10/12/15 01:15:41PM @womanwhowalks:

Well...the one time I was allowed to smudge the house...my friend came along to help me with the smudge...the spirit was cornered....and my friend said he couldn't get into the corner....I don't know if this spirit is attatched to an object in the house...if I could find the object I could just remove it...they got a lot of junk...I don't visit them often to limit my exposure to the energy...I know if I could smudge their house regularly....he'd either go on his own...of someone from the spirit world would show up to help..and push him out....

10/12/15 01:22:32PM @womanwhowalks:

The spirit could also be attatched to something in my mom's memories and subconscious....she'd have to do some major clearing to get to where he's attatched....and that's also something she won't understand or believe me...so I feel my hands are tied...and that's how he's 'winning'.....

Scott Yates
10/12/15 02:47:24PM @scott-yates:
That could be almost impossible to get rid of if it's attached to her without her believing.
10/12/15 03:57:31PM @womanwhowalks:

I know...he's got the perfect hiding spot...she's a practicing catholic....yet says she doesn't believe in spirit...she sais there's only God...and nothing in between...the few times I tried to talk to her about it...she shut me down so fast....so I'm stuck with this knowledge and I can't do much about it...except put up with it...and let my parents think the reason I don't come around is due to them...when it's really this being I'm staying away from...or him keeping me away from them....when my nephew was younger this being was trying to control him too...everytime my nephew would visit their house his personity would change...and he'd say things that a boy his age couldn't possibly pick up anywhere and make vulger gestures...and when he left their house he'd revert back to being himself...a cute lil boy...anyway...this spirit is preying on my family and without their help I can't do a thing...

10/12/15 04:07:24PM @womanwhowalks:

I'm getting she picked up this spirit when she 1st got married and was living up north...it's followed her since....and I think I picked up on his presence when I was a child cause I'd been afraid of her...this spirit is most unhappy at finally being found out...lol..

Scott Yates
10/12/15 04:07:46PM @scott-yates:
I guess you could.always make its like as miserable as he's trying to make yours. Send positive energy, visit often, wear blessed jewelry, etc.... Let him know you won't be beat. Either way, I wouldn't just give up.
10/12/15 04:51:12PM @womanwhowalks:

Lol...I have thought about giving up...but I'm stubborn...if this being weren't there...and my mother's present personality was really hers...then yes...I'd give up...before I knew of this guy's presence I wanted to give up...but I could never quite do it completely....thanks for listening...lol...I feel much better having got some of that out of my system...lol...been suffering in silence...I definitely like the idea of making his life miserable by being nice...lol...I don't like being mean to him anyway...lol...I'm uncomfortabe at letting my parents see me smiling and laughing at and with spirit....I'm always hearing...and when spirit say something funny I have a hard time not busting out laughing...trying to block out my ability is impossible and I think it's rude to ignore spirit who are speaking to me...they would like to be acknowledged as being part of the family and I feel bad that my family refuses to expand their knowledge...