Living in constant Deja-vu...

By: who_am_I
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I dont remember when it started, it was that long ago. At first I didnt pay any attention to it, blew it off as normal deja-vu. But recently it became more and more frequent. 

What would you do if you felt like you were reliving your life or that you knew something was going to happen but you didnt remember it till it actually happened? 

Thats my life. 

I live in constant deja vu. After something happens, it can be the littlest thing, a picture someone posted and I would remember that I saw it before in my dreams. It feels like I am reliving my life. And the worst part is, I cant fix my mistakes because I only remember after it happens. 

Anyone ever experience anything like this before? 

01/09/17 01:16:18PM @zoesu:

Hi Who_am_I,

yes I experienced this a lot when I was younger. It started when I was 16 around or at least I was more aware of it. And it was the same for me. I was just remembering that i know the situation when i already was in the situation. but since I always experienced this situation in my dreams from another point of view, like from a corner of the room or out of another persons eyes, I did know that it was no regular deja vu and that I remembering a dream. and I did know what people do next or what they speak in another room.  This dreams came more frequently and I dreamed of things that later come true (when i was not there) even the death of near people. But sadly even that I could not stop.  I was also just an observer,  always. I dont know, if i could be able to stop it before happening. but since I did not know what to do with this gift especially after the death situation of another person I dont wanted to have this dreams anymore. And now i dont have it anymore.. but i know i can have it back if I focus on it, for a while.  And I still trust in it, that I will know when something really bad will happen or good :) ..

but yeah, it is real and I hear occasionally from similar experiences of others. So don´t get mad :) accept that you feel and know more than other people. I never speak about that to anyone.. I dont have that much empathic people arround me who would understand, so I've been very quit with that. Just some really good friends know and other empaths when I meet them. I´m happy to hear that you experienced the same dreams like me, even if it would have been better for me 10 years ago ;)  It really drived me insane at the beginning but after a while I just accepted it. And I could say good bye to my cat or my dad because I knew it before it was happening and I was more relaxed when things happend. actually.. i think with the moment of accepting this dreams.. accepting that I know what was coming I remembered this things also before the situation was happening. I could prepare. Once I wanted to change a really big thing, but I dont know why, I was so afraid of speaking. I could not do it. 

I guess when you learn to write down your dreams maybe you can use it or at least be more aware of it.. but .. i dont know.. i think some things in live will happen anyway because you need the experience of it. 

I still would love to know what meaningful to do with this ability or learn more about it together with other people 

When you sense the things that are coming you may also be able to just ask in your normal day state of mind. I did and I learned to understand the little yes or no of my feelings and so i could also ask for what will happen (if i had a specific question that could be answered by yes or no, and without having any ego wish about the result).  but honestly.. most of the time i like to just be, because to know, could mean you can decide what means you thinking a lot about alternative possibilities. But at the end you never know what the final end result of that other possibility is. (or at least i felt that way)                

hope i could help and make you feel more trusty in your abilities 

cheers z