Deja vu? Any one here ever experience constant deja vu?

By: who_am_I
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Everyone experiences deja vu through out their lives. Deja vu is something that cant be explained. Some people say that it doesnt exist, that its just our brains playing tricks on us. I dont know what to believe anymore.

About two years ago I started experiencing deja vu more frequently and more intensely then your average. I remember one day I was sitting at my college orientation and I could swear with almost every fiber of my being that I dreamt of this moment before. Ever since then my deja vu has been more and more frequent. Ive had a few more times of thinking that I dreamt of a moment before.

Now a days, I feel like I have deja vu of moments everyday. Things like, Ive been here at this moment before, Ive done this exact thing, Ive seen that picture before. It feels like I am reliving my life. But the strangest thing is, that it all feels like Ive seen it all before in my dreams. Only I dont remember them, and only remember them when something reminds me of them. Hence the deja vu.

I have many nights when I wake up in the morning and i feel like I had a dream but I didnt see it, or remember it. Maybe thats where my deja vu is coming from?

Anyone ever go through something like this?

09/05/16 02:01:50PM @lotusfly:

The latest theory I've learned about deja-vu is that it is our soul having an "ah-ha" moment, as they are remembering our life that was previously laid out in the akashic records before we were born :) So deja-vu is a good thing, because it means you're on track with your life as it was planned in advance by your soul :)

09/05/16 03:30:31PM @who-am-i:

Thank you Lotusfly for your response!