Dream interpretations?

By: who_am_I
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I was wondering if anyone is any good at interpreting dreams. I know that this website is not used for this. But I am also an empath and I have just had the scariest night of my life. I had the worst dream. I feel like it was trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what it is.

I wanted to know if someone could please help me. If you can, please comment below and I will add you into my friends so I can explain in detail my dream.

Thank you.

Scott Yates
02/10/16 05:54:00AM @scott-yates:

Dreams that stand out and seem like a real life event are the ones with a message. These messages warn one of spiritual things and very harmful events to watch for. I can interpret the dream based on my knowledge and how I feel, but how you interpret the dream is what matters.