Ever feel completely drained?

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A few months ago I found out that I am a healer empath.

Being an empath can be a gift and a curse as you know.

For me, I mostly only feel everyones pain. I look into somebodys eyes and I can see their troubles. Sometimes it feels like they are asking for my help without even realizing it themselves.

This drains me. I feel drained all the time now, and that I need to " feed" ( lack of a better word) of off other peoples energies. Like I have to be around people that are happy and force myself to feel thier energy because it "feeds" me in a way ( again lack of a better word). But I dont do it, because how can I steal someone elses happiness.

But now, I am so drained and hurt from all the pain that I wont let myself feel other peoples energy anymore good or bad. Its like ive completely blocked it out.

Anyone ever go through something like this?

Pisces-Aries Cusp
07/28/15 09:20:21PM @pisces-aries-cusp:

I have been through it, and I usually feel people feeding off of me.Some people just take and take without realizing it.

In order to end that, you have to protect yourself, with love and light.

I remember I would usually feel drained when I went to some classes, but that changed once I started carrying around selenite. Selenite is said to dispel negative energy and it clears you. It is a really great crystal to have, and there are other methods that you can 'cover' yourself so you won't have to feel so drained all the time.

Also, you don't have to cover yourself in your household, but when you go out you should. So yes, make sure you cover yourself when you go out, otherwise people will just load you up with their unwanted energy.

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