Ever feel completely drained?

By: who_am_I
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A few months ago I found out that I am a healer empath.

Being an empath can be a gift and a curse as you know.

For me, I mostly only feel everyones pain. I look into somebodys eyes and I can see their troubles. Sometimes it feels like they are asking for my help without even realizing it themselves.

This drains me. I feel drained all the time now, and that I need to " feed" ( lack of a better word) of off other peoples energies. Like I have to be around people that are happy and force myself to feel thier energy because it "feeds" me in a way ( again lack of a better word). But I dont do it, because how can I steal someone elses happiness.

But now, I am so drained and hurt from all the pain that I wont let myself feel other peoples energy anymore good or bad. Its like ive completely blocked it out.

Anyone ever go through something like this?