Dreams that come true?

By: who_am_I
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I've never really had normal dreams. My friends would tell me about their dreams where they would live another life in a dream I've never had dreams like that. My dreams are always very short and are only one moment in life. And I barely remember them at all after I wake up, maybe I will remember one thing that happened but that its. I don't remember 90% of my dreams, but I know that I've dreamed because I feel exhausted when I wake up and I remember dreaming I just could never actually see the dreams for me to remember them. For the last couple of years, I would have Deja Vu momentslike I would do something and I could swear that I'veeither done this before or I've dreamt about it. I did not really take it seriously until one day where I realized that my dream came true. It was my freshman orientation. When we had to sit under a white tent and watch the stage, I remembered that I dreamt about this moment. Every detail was the same. It was not Deja Vu, I KNOW I dreamt about it. And then it happened again with a friend of mine. I dreamed about her pictures, and the other day I was looking through them. A couple of hours later out of nowhere it just hit me that I've dreamt about it. About those exact photos. It really freaked me out. The thing is, I cannot remember the dream for it to actually come true and I only find out about it or remember it after it has happened. I recently found out I am an empath. And I was just wondering if this has anything to do with it and if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this.