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Living in constant Deja-vu...

By who_am_I, 2016-12-05

I dont remember when it started, it was that long ago. At first I didnt pay any attention to it, blew it off as normal deja-vu. But recently it became more and more frequent. 

What would you do if you felt like you were reliving your life or that you knew something was going to happen but you didnt remember it till it actually happened? 

Thats my life. 

I live in constant deja vu. After something happens, it can be the littlest thing, a picture someone posted and I would remember that I saw it before in my dreams. It feels like I am reliving my life. And the worst part is, I cant fix my mistakes because I only remember after it happens. 

Anyone ever experience anything like this before? 

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Everyone experiences deja vu through out their lives. Deja vu is something that cant be explained. Some people say that it doesnt exist, that its just our brains playing tricks on us. I dont know what to believe anymore.

About two years ago I started experiencing deja vu more frequently and more intensely then your average. I remember one day I was sitting at my college orientation and I could swear with almost every fiber of my being that I dreamt of this moment before. Ever since then my deja vu has been more and more frequent. Ive had a few more times of thinking that I dreamt of a moment before.

Now a days, I feel like I have deja vu of moments everyday. Things like, Ive been here at this moment before, Ive done this exact thing, Ive seen that picture before. It feels like I am reliving my life. But the strangest thing is, that it all feels like Ive seen it all before in my dreams. Only I dont remember them, and only remember them when something reminds me of them. Hence the deja vu.

I have many nights when I wake up in the morning and i feel like I had a dream but I didnt see it, or remember it. Maybe thats where my deja vu is coming from?

Anyone ever go through something like this?

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Dream interpretations?

By who_am_I, 2016-01-30

I was wondering if anyone is any good at interpreting dreams. I know that this website is not used for this. But I am also an empath and I have just had the scariest night of my life. I had the worst dream. I feel like it was trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what it is.

I wanted to know if someone could please help me. If you can, please comment below and I will add you into my friends so I can explain in detail my dream.

Thank you.

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Ever feel completely drained?

By who_am_I, 2015-07-28

A few months ago I found out that I am a healer empath.

Being an empath can be a gift and a curse as you know.

For me, I mostly only feel everyones pain. I look into somebodys eyes and I can see their troubles. Sometimes it feels like they are asking for my help without even realizing it themselves.

This drains me. I feel drained all the time now, and that I need to " feed" ( lack of a better word) of off other peoples energies. Like I have to be around people that are happy and force myself to feel thier energy because it "feeds" me in a way ( again lack of a better word). But I dont do it, because how can I steal someone elses happiness.

But now, I am so drained and hurt from all the pain that I wont let myself feel other peoples energy anymore good or bad. Its like ive completely blocked it out.

Anyone ever go through something like this?

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Dreams that come true?

By who_am_I, 2015-02-22

I've never really had normal dreams. My friends would tell me about their dreams where they would live another life in a dream I've never had dreams like that. My dreams are always very short and are only one moment in life. And I barely remember them at all after I wake up, maybe I will remember one thing that happened but that its. I don't remember 90% of my dreams, but I know that I've dreamed because I feel exhausted when I wake up and I remember dreaming I just could never actually see the dreams for me to remember them. For the last couple of years, I would have Deja Vu momentslike I would do something and I could swear that I'veeither done this before or I've dreamt about it. I did not really take it seriously until one day where I realized that my dream came true. It was my freshman orientation. When we had to sit under a white tent and watch the stage, I remembered that I dreamt about this moment. Every detail was the same. It was not Deja Vu, I KNOW I dreamt about it. And then it happened again with a friend of mine. I dreamed about her pictures, and the other day I was looking through them. A couple of hours later out of nowhere it just hit me that I've dreamt about it. About those exact photos. It really freaked me out. The thing is, I cannot remember the dream for it to actually come true and I only find out about it or remember it after it has happened. I recently found out I am an empath. And I was just wondering if this has anything to do with it and if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this.

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Everything Ive read and seen points to one answer that I am an empath. Then why dont I believe it? They say to trust your instincs. But there is something inside that says that I am not an Empath. How do I truly know if I am an Empath or not?

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