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Hardest to handle em-path abilities while in pain

I am not sure of the reason why I seemed to not be able to separate myself from others emotions. However , recently I was in a car accident which my injuries have cause a lot of distress. Pain comes and goes as I do certain things

 I am less able to do many things I always was able to do. The thing is I notice a difference in my empath abilities occurring before the accident but nowhere near what I have experienced since the accident. I had become quite competent in separating my emotions from others for a long time.  My abilities began to increase r intensify right before the accident. I found myself picking up others emotions from a distant with just a thought or a mention of their name. Then I began to avoid public -places because I would pick up on anyone who had a high amount of anxiety whether that bwe anger or sadness or fear or happiness. I was practicing placing myself in a bublle and keeping those emotions from others in check. Since the accident I have struggle significantly with responding to others negative emotions. In the doctors office I picked up on all the emotions of those working there and those patients coming in to get treatment. Because it's treats mostly spinal and neck injuries there is a lot of physical therapy which gives me time to focus on mindfulness and pushing others emotions away from me. One of the other things I notice which was beginning before the accident but seems to expedient is feeling emotions of others while talking on the phone.  I have exploded on the phone a few times while receiving others anger emotions during a conversation. The only way to I was and have been able to handle it was to hang up and not answered the phone of the one whose emotions I picked up. For me this is very distressing cause I do not like and make every effort not to respond back to or in anger to anyone. My question what I came here to sought out was if the Physical incapaibiliti3es and the p[ain from my accident making more receptive to others emotions and thought patterns. Has this extreme intensity of others emotions since the accident a  side effect of the accident.? Being the reason I am experiencing pain is  because of my spine being badly injured, Could the sensitivity the increase of empath ability, which is overwhelming me, be tied to my spinal condition? One thing I had noticed that was not so pronounce is that I am not just picking up one emotion from others but it seems like I am picking up all the emotions they are experiencing. With my own emotions i8nteracting also this is causing a lot of anxiety, lack of sleep, focus issues on reading or studying. AHH one bright side is when my great niece comes over I experience all of her emotions,she seems to respond to all of what I am feeling. I know she not yet two but I think she may be empath also.

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