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Just knowing makes a difference?

By: Trevor Lewis
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I am a 56 but only just in the last few weeks starting to untangle the web of other peoples "stuff" that has been overwhelming my system. The "turning the volume down" exercise works greta for me. What is really amazing is how quickly the emotion can melt away when I can fully identify what the emotion I am dealing with is, and then who it really belongs to and that it isn't mine. At the point it seems like the major part of the work to clear the energy is done and I am over the worst of the overwhelm. Just wondering if others are having similar experiences.Thanks!
Trevor Lewis
09/25/12 06:48:48AM @trevor-lewis:

@Steph - I know the feeling of being so overwhelmed that it takes grounding and using the exercises to get back to anything like normal to regain perspective. I absolutely know its not easy and some days its like wading through mud (and other brown substances!)
I am interested to know whether, once you regain some normalcy, "guessing" who the emotion belongs to can make a difference for you. I believe that our "guesses" are often much more accurate than our logical brain gives us credit for.