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Let’s Talk Turkey

By: Trevor Lewis
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A friend of mine, Abbey, and I were discussing a client issue the other day. In the middle of the conversation three woodpeckers flew outside my office window. Id seen single woodpeckers there often but this was the first time I had seen a family. Abbey immediately said Look up what a woodpecker means. I did and it fitted wonderfully into our conversation about the client and resolved the issue beautifully.

Abbey went on to say that whenever somebody says Thats the first time Ive seen such and such she always looks for the significance of that animal. So I told her about my favorite drive over the mountain to the other side of my town. The first time I had driven this road I had seen a flock of 5 or 6 wild turkeys. I had seen them in ones or twos around town before but never so many. The second time I drove this road I saw a flock of 7 or 8 but, although I had driven the road a dozen times or more since, I hadnt seen any more turkeys. Now Abbey had peaked my interest. What sign had I missed by not researching what turkeys meant all those weeks ago?

I was talking to Abbey over the phone when I turned right onto my mountain road the next day. I said Now that I know that the turkeys were probably significant lets see if they show up today. Sure enough a flock of seven turkeys were waiting for me on the side of the road. Even better, when we checked on the meaning of seeing turkeys, the opening lines read of the description It is usually a good omen indicating that great gifts are imminently forthcoming. Very nice!

I continued the drive over to the friend I was visiting on the other side of the mountain. As I was driving home I had the thought Suppose the Universe wanted to really emphasize how much of a sign this really was. I wonder if Ill see turkeys on the way home as well.

I did!

Twenty four wild turkeys in a field on the side of the road on the way home!


02/27/16 07:47:17PM @visitor:

Lucky you. I keep seeing mule deer. In my neck of the woods, mule deer symbolize totaled front ends and expensive repair jobs. But we stop and stare when we see herds of elk. They're more elusive and aren't as idiotic about stepping into traffic.

Cheshire Cat
02/28/16 09:47:07AM @cheshire-cat:

Very cool Trevor! For my husband, it's crows who land near him and line up along wires near where he is working. For me it's dragonflies. One day I was missing the clouds of dragonflies that often swirl around me so I asked for one, and a single one appeared and flew right at me, forcing me to step aside. That was a sign to me, since I almost never see them except in large groups. I wish more people would notice these things and just notice nature in general.

02/29/16 07:00:20AM @lotusfly:

Trevor, I love this post. Not only do I get signs and guidance and reassurance from nature, but I had forgotten about the flock of what I assumed to be turkeys on one of my intuition following drives (solitary car ride without destination...actually, I gain some very good insight while driving and letting my higher power take the wheel :) ). The turkeys were in a field, eating from the grass, amongst a hunting area. I stopped and put my flashers on when I noticed a car approaching so they would know to pass me. I rolled down my car window and gazed at the turkeys in awe. I also heard shotguns in the distance and the turkeys were not fazed in the slightest by the sound. They kept their heads down, focused on their grazing, and seemed so at peace, innocent, unaware, though I had the feeling they knew if they entered the woods around them (or flew?) they could lose their life. I think they were peacefully aware of this but it didn't bother them. I said a prayer for them before I quietly drove away.

Thank you for sharing your story. I think mother nature knows more than we do and she is a powerful lover of life and good souls who walk amongst her. She (and other higher powers in the universe) will work with those who are conductive to life :)

Loving light~

Trevor Lewis
02/29/16 07:12:23AM @trevor-lewis:

Thanks, Lotusfly, over the last few months I have been noticing how much my intuition kicks in while I am driving. I think its got something to do with keeping my left brain busy driving allowing my right brain to be heard more clearly. :-)

02/29/16 07:30:27AM @lotusfly:

Cool. For me it's doing so my being can kick in :) At this point, I know I am being protected when I listen to my intuitive voice (my soul). My spiritual family is looking out for me while I navigate this worldly plane. The more I connect with them, the more divine life is. I hope you receive lots more blessings on your path today :)