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Gridding - shielding against unwanted energies entering your home or workplace.

By: Trevor Lewis
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Gridding is a way (among many) of providing a shield against unwanted energies entering your home or workplace. You can create grids using the following process:

  1. For each grid, you will need 4 metal objects. Copper pennies are wonderfully convenient and hold an energetic charge well.
  2. Determine where you are going to place your grids; we recommend a minimum of four nested levels. If you are gridding a home, start outside with the boundaries of the land in a rectangular pattern with four right-angled corners. The next grid will be immediately around the outside of the building. The third will be at the room level for each room you want to grid; pick the ones where you spend the most time, your bedroom, your office, etc. The fourth level will be around your personal space in that room, your bed, you desk, and so on. You can add grids for each room that you want to protect. You can even add grids around your doorways and windows.
  3. Set your intention for the coins, four coins for each grid, by holding them in your hand and declaring I charge you all with working together to energetically guard and protect this space from all dark or dense energy for the highest good of all concerned. You can amend and extend the wording as you feel appropriate. How would you give instructions to a human team of spiritually minded security guards if you were hiring them to protect your home? You can specify your family member names explicitly. You can add time frames explicitly, every day of every week, 24 hours a day. Add whatever feels right for you.
  4. Starting with the outermost grid, the one around the outside of the property. Place one coin in each of corner of the rectangle. Secure each coin so as to be undisturbed over time. Repeat for each grid moving inwards.
Cheshire Cat
02/21/16 09:48:54AM @cheshire-cat:

This is fabulous info, Trevor,thank you so much! It is also easy and cheap to implement.I just got myself a cup full of pennies from our change jar and since it's a beautiful day,I'm on my way out to distribute them outside first.

Cat Whisperer
02/24/16 12:12:18PM @cat-whisperer:
Thanks for the helpful info Trevor. You are a wealth of knowledge :)