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Thriving as an Empath: The Light Projector Exercise

By: Trevor Lewis
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By Trevor Lewis

One of the themes that I discovered as I worked with different people is that we suffer as empaths when we are only in receptor mode, we thrive as empaths when we step into healer mode. This exercise is THE central exercise that I share with other empaths. It doesnt resonate for everybody but it seems to work for the vast majority and for some it has been a life-changer. Before using this technique some empaths were unable to even go to the supermarket or a restaurant because they are so sensitive to other peoples energy. Using this technique they have been able to go back out in public again. For others, its just a way of staying clean when dealing with other people. Personally, I use it every day. I hope you use it and enjoy.

The analogy I use is of two barrels of water. If a barrel of dirty water feeds into a pipe to a barrel of clean water, the clean water starts to look as dirty as the water in the dirty barrel. If the water flows from the barrel of clean water into the barrel of dirty water, the dirty water gets cleaner, and the clean water is still clean and is refreshed.

The effect of only shielding ourselves as empaths is turn off the flow of water, and we know what happens to stagnant water! When we become healers, we keep the flow of water moving from the clean barrel to the dirty barrel.554_blogs.jpg

When we operate only in receptor mode, we are picking up other people's dirty water'. Not only that, our first instinct is to think that if we feel bad it must be something about us. Our minds look to justify why it must be our own and then work out how to fix it. It's the result of growing up in a mechanistic world that teaches us we are all separate. As empaths we know how untrue this is. We are all connected, and that is true regardless of distance. For me, learning that I was processing other people's emotions was, in itself, the first huge step forward. Then, as I cleared myself of my own emotional baggage, I was better able to recognize when I was processing other people's emotions. In fact, once I realized that emotions were often not my own I was able to ask whose emotions I was processing and what those emotions were. Once I can identify whose emotions I am processing, and especially once I can identify what emotions they are, those emotions usually drop away, and I go back to feeling myself again. Even though I know this works, there are still times when I don't remember to ask the question "Is this mine?" It is easy to fall into the trap of immediately assuming it is our own.

So how do we move from being passive receptors to being active healers? A friend was dreading going to a funeral because of all of the emotions she knew, as an empath, that she was going to pick up. I "downloaded" the following exercise by way of an answer to her. She said it worked like a charm! I now recommend doing this to avoid taking on other people's energy and as protection from being drained by being around others.

The light projector exercise

  1. Start off by grounding. Imagine roots coming out from under your feet and going deep down into the center of the Earth.
  2. You are a Light Projector. The process is to channel Divine Light, Divine Energy, and send it out to the people in your environment. This point is important if you send your own energy out it will be exhausting for you. It will drain you and weaken you even more causing you to let in even more of their energy when your defenses are down. You are only a conduit for Universal Light.
    I have presented this exercise in three different forms below for people who are primarily visual, primarily auditory, or primarily kinesthetic (feeling). Use whatever form or combination works best for you:
  • Visual: Visualize it coming in through the top of your head, down your spine all the way to your feet, filling your whole body, and then out from your heart to them. The flow of Divine Energy through you and out to your environment will help to push their energy away from you. Also, just as a water pipe cannot channel water without getting wet, you will be energized by the flow of Divine Energy through you. It may help to visualize the energy coming into your head as white light, and send it out your heart as a prism of rainbow-colored light.
  • Auditory: Bring it through the top of your head as an ee sound (internally within yourself or externally by actually making a sound). Send it down your spine all the way to your feet, filling your whole body, and then send it out from your heart as an oo to them. Inhale on the ee, and exhale on the oo.
  • Kinesthetic (feeling): Feel the waves of energy coming in through the top of your head as a vibration of love. Think of the warm and fuzzy feeling of playing with puppies or kittens. Send it down your spine all the way to your feet, filling your whole body, and then send it out from your heart
  1. You want to keep that flow going into your environment 24x7. Keeping that up consciously for more than a short while is, of course, difficult going on impossible. Just have the intention of keeping that flow going. Tell your subconscious that this is what you want to be doing 24x7 and then let go. Just check in occasionally, when you remember, so as to keep the process going. Keeping the flow of Divine Energy down through you and out to the people around you is the best form of shielding.
  2. Do not concentrate. It's not about HOLDING a thought. It's about FOCUSING a thought. It's like using an SLR camera. When the subject of a photo moves out of focus all you do is refocus the lens of the camera. When the object for mental attention moves out of focus, refocus the mind. Just bring your attention back to your subject. Do not worry about having thoughts. Do not try. Let it be easy!
  3. You can use it for a single person who may be annoying you. You can use it for a room full of people (such as a work meeting) or for a whole building. Especially with larger numbers of people it is much better to use this exercise before you leave home and before you are entering their space. Once you walk into the building and you start to take on their energy the momentum of the flow is already moving from them to you. This exercise will help but it is harder to reverse the direction of the flow of energy. Far better to create the flow through you to them from the outset.

Here is a quote from another empath friend on her initial use of this exercise: Yesterday I imagined being a conduit of energy every time I left my house, and it immediately made me calm. I even went to the store yesterday alone without my husband and kids who I usually use as a buffer between me and other people. This morning I imagined being a conduit before getting out of bed, and I've been in a good mood since. It seems to calm me whenever I'm about to go bananas."

Much of Thriving as an Empath that I have described above is about moving from being an unconscious empath to a conscious one. As we move to being a conscious empath we also move from being an empath in passive receptor mode to the initial stages of becoming a healer in active send mode.

Which brings me to the question, "Where do you think your gifts lie? What has to happen for you to start using them (again)?" I am coming to the conclusion that recognizing that we are empaths is the first step to realizing our potential as healers! We keep the energy flowing from the Divine, through us, to them, the people whose emotions we are picking up. As we develop and use our natural talents, we keep that flow moving. We feel better in ourselves, they benefit from the energy we are flowing to them, and we do our bit to help heal the whole planet! It's a win-win all around.

Trevor Lewis 2016

02/02/16 06:21:00AM @evolving:


This is fantastic! I love the exercises. I'm going to print it out and use it daily.

Thanks for sharing!


Trevor Lewis
04/21/16 12:21:34PM @trevor-lewis:

@Moonchild Personally, this exercise is as far as I will go sending healing energy without asking for explicit permission first. Even then, some would say to ask first. And then again, if your intuition says stay away, go with your gut!

Trevor Lewis
10/05/16 06:40:54PM @trevor-lewis:

Thanks, Shelly. Enjoy!