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Epigenetics and the role of your ancestors on your emotional state today

By: Trevor Lewis
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"Grandmas Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes"

The relatively recent field of epigenetics shows how emotions in a parent can trigger changes in which genes are turned on or off in their children. What fascinates me about this discovery is that it explain an important aspect of the remote energy work that I do for people.

I clear emotional baggage for people. The remarkable thing is that most of what I clear are not emotions trapped in the body from the persons own lifetime experiences. Most of the time they are emotions inherited through the bloodline of the parents and their ancestors.

This article provides the scientific foundation for how our emotional legacy shows up in our body through our bloodline. Enjoy!



12/27/15 02:23:38PM @visitor:

Wow. I go to a healer but she never mentioned epigenetics. I'll mention it to her next time I see her. I think there must be a link between empathy and epigenetics.