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Thriving as an Empath - The Light Projector Exercise

By: Trevor Lewis
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Updated January 15th 2016 by linking a revised document. The updated attachment:
a) Emphasizes grounding at the start of the exercise
b) Includes instructions about focusing (NOT concentrating)
c) Renames the exercise The Light Projector (was Conduit of Divine Energy).

Many people on the EC are challenged with picking up other people's stuff. Certainly it was what brought me to this site in October 2012. Since recognizing what was happening to me I have been able to move from being an empath, in a passive receptor mode, to becoming a healer in an active mode of sending healing energy to others. I believe it to be a transition that many, if not most, empaths can make. Also, most importantly, it is a change enables us to heal ourselves as it helps to protect us from being dazed and confused by other people's emotions that we often mistakenly think are our own, and it helps us heal the planet along the way!

My notes around this work, and the core exercise that I was given to share, are in a paper I have titledThriving As An Empath

Special thanks to Julie Barry, Bing Haley and Jen P for your support in helping me write this paper. Thank you to all the many dozens of other people on this site who have extended their trust in me over the last year by letting me practice my healing and clearing techniques with them. You know who you are! I hope I can continue to help you! And, as always, my gratitude to Elise for creating this site.

Our planet is in the middle of a huge transition, something that is becoming more evident every day. As empaths, we need to make the transition to being healers for ourselves so that we don't get sucked into the mire of everybody else's emotions as they go through the planetary changes. We need to make the transition to being healers for everybody else to help them through these changes. We need to make the transition to being healers to support each other as healers though these changes so that we are strong together to do the work we were born to do.

We chose to live in interesting times. Please enjoy Thriving As An Empath

I look forward to reading your responses.

With blessings, Trevor

05/27/14 04:36:18AM @paul:

Trevor, thank you for your interest in helping me with the akashic records. JenP has given me very good pointers to seek out but no details. It is a bit frustrating not being able to remember. Anyways, I've read how Jen transmutes bad energy and how you do it as in your paper. True, some are stuck with the empath thing. Your solution is to become a healer and a good one. There are common themes and the most important is to not use your own energy for that or risk being drained. I am a full initiated Reiki Practitioner. We are taught to connect to the Source and let the energy flow. This assures that it is not our own energy but from the Limitless Source. I have been treating 15-30 people a month during reiki circles for free. Often I come out more energetic after that. A Reiki Master's job is to step aside and let the energy flow. Reiki is only one modality to be able to do this. I would not do it otherwise. I look forward to your communication. Good Vibes friend.

True that we are in a most exciting time due to the Shift and all. Most important to flow with it and Ride the Wave. That is the true service to the EC.

Cheshire Cat
05/27/14 04:21:01PM @cheshire-cat:

Thanks, Trevor.

This is just what I have been looking for. I am picking up constant rage from a mentally ill inlaw and mistakenly thought it was mine. My usual shield did not stop it. I am going to try this for sure!

Trevor Lewis
06/25/14 07:27:54AM @trevor-lewis:

I am starting to ask other empaths "Where do you think your gifts lie? What has to happen for you to start using them (again)?" I am coming to the conclusion that recognizing that we are empaths is the first step to realizing our potential as healers! We keep the energy flowing from the Divine, through us, to them, the people whose emotions we are picking up. As we develop and use our natural talents we keep that flow moving. We feel better in ourselves, they benefit from the energy we are flowing to them, and we do our bit to help heal the whole planet! It's a win-win all around.

If you know you are an empath and you are not practicing any form of healing for other people on a fairly regular basis, I strongly recommend you start. Not least, you will feel more stable with your own emotions.

Kit Kat
07/26/15 10:50:23PM @kit-kat:

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much.. this really validates a lot of what I have speculating about, and helps me see new ways to cope with challenges. Thank you again :) I think this will help me a LOT

Trevor Lewis
01/14/16 05:19:55PM @trevor-lewis:

An update on this exercise. IT IS IMPORTANT TO GROUND before using this exercise. Nothing bad happens if you don't - but neither does anything good! It works considerably better if you are grounded.
How to ground? It can be as simple as imagining roots coming out from under your feet and going deep down into the center of the Earth.

01/14/16 08:55:48PM @dice:

The tree rootgroundwas the one that worked best for me!