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Author of "Thriving as an empath: Empowering your Highly Sensitive Self".  I am an energy clearer and empath coach using a wide variety of modalities including intuitive energy work, emotion clearings, NLP, and meditation. I have also had a 25+ year career in I.T.

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09/04/12 05:31:38AM @bing:
Hi TrevorWelcome to the EC. Drop by and visit the "Library of Inspiration".Throw some love into the wind.Bing
05/28/14 08:28:39AM @paul:

Thank you Trevor. I would welcome any one you recommend for akashic record reading.

06/16/14 09:33:11PM @wendie:
Thank you for all your kind suggestions and help! :)
Have a feeling
07/19/14 07:00:14PM @shelly:
Really appreciate what you have shared so far. Thank you! I really do need some guidance. I'm going through a huge transition right now and the things I sense are off the charts right now.
Cat Whisperer
07/16/15 08:53:51AM @cat-whisperer:
Thank you so much!!
Cat Whisperer
08/04/15 03:15:38PM @cat-whisperer:
Thank you so much, you have been a GREAT help!
09/03/15 07:43:39AM @wetpaint:

Thanks, Trevor. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise, and your sharing it!

10/05/15 08:31:09PM @rene:
I would like thank you so much Trevor for everything you have done for me. I also appreciate your patience and time you have took to help me. Your healing has given me hope. It's hard to lean on a complete stranger but you don't fell like a stranger. Thank you so much.
10/11/15 10:11:24AM @gem:
Hi Trevor, ive requested you as a friend after being advised to talk to you about Energy Clearing. I'm new to this forum and the concept of possibly being an Empath.I'd love to know more about what you do.Gem
02/29/16 07:32:19AM @lotusfly:
Hello :)
04/09/16 02:02:22PM @gem:
So after myself and my 3yr old son receiving Emotional Clearing work from Trevor, I thought I'd leave some feedback and heartfelt thanks :)I was the first to receive the work and Trevor was really helpful with what I may or may not experience and talked me through the process...he's a font of knowledge!I didn't know exactly what day or time Trevor would do the work for me, only that it'd be a few days after the request.I felt a distinct change in energy on one of the days, I felt lighter, upbeat and positive.It wasn't too long after I got my report through from Trevor. It indeed had been done on that same day.The report was fascinating and confirmed for me some issues I had and where they'd originated from. I loved the affirmations Trevor installed for me and often look back over them.It didn't stop there, he was happy to answer any questions and has been an ongoing support through my process of change.I feel his worked cleared the decks and really opened me up. My creativity has returned and I feel I've found my direction once more after feeling lost for so long. I still get lots of ups and downs but I'm better able to cope.My experience made me decide to enlist Trevor to do this work for my 3yr old son. There was also a noticeable shift in him once the work was done. He seemed to take a few weeks to settle in to the new energy and Trevor was on hand every step of the way. One of the emotions Trevor cleared for my son came out big time for a little while (which I was pre-warned could happen), it's settled right down now though. It was lovely to get such an intimate glimpse into my baby's soul..truly touching and handled so very gently by Trevor.Thank you so much for the wonderful work and support you have given us over these months.I highly recommend you and your work to others seeking to free themselves up of baggage that's not necessarily theirs.Love and LightGem x
02/14/17 02:31:47PM @angellight-worker:

Hi Trevor. I wanted to touch base with you again. A few years ago I was a member of EC , as Nana-Joy. You did a cleansing on me. You cleansed most all of me but a big block shut you out.. I want to to know, I have almost fell of earth ,from the things I have been through. An awful life, with cancer and so much illness and such depression... I made it. I was awakened about a years ago,, Something bad happened, and I just woke up. I am a free spirit, happy, learning, I see things happen, I heal, I can read people, I can go on and on.. Thank you again, for the start of my way to my journey to get to the real, true me..  I'm glad your still here.. "Stand In The Light"

Trevor Lewis
02/14/17 07:00:29PM @trevor-lewis:


Good to hear from you again. Glad you are doing so well.  Blessings to you!

08/03/18 08:41:43AM @eliselebeau:

Hi Trevor, the email you have in your account is not valid...