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10/22/15 02:56:20PM @moderator-2:

Welcome to the EC!

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11/02/15 10:25:39AM @moon:

I never read the posts before mine when doing this sort of thing. I like what I get to be uncontaminated.

When I looked at your photo (great photo by the way - can really see your eyes), my own eyes started to fill with tears. I had the strong sensation that those eyes have seen some painful things. The first thing that came to mind was a male that feels like a brother or a contemporary - maybe a friend. I feel you have seen a very frustrating, painful situation with a this male. As if you are forced to watch him "crash and burn". Maybe drugs? It seemed clear to me that in some way or other you have witnessed someone you love suffer and there is a helpless, angry feeling attached to it.

I feel that you are a very compassionate woman whose heart has broken by the things she has seen in this world. I truly believe that you have found your tribe on this board - everything about you screams "empath" to me.

I think that you love completely and deeply and that despite the painful things relationships have put at your feet, your heart remains open. I see you with babies or maybe "baby" animals - young things. I feel you have an affinity for the very young. You are a good teacher and protector - mother energy.

I think that you tend to keep who you really are pretty hidden and you hesitate to give voice to your own desires and preferences in life - you let the "other guy" have it their way. My concern is that this will create an internal pressure within and will become a "mask" that you will find harder and harder to remove as you get older. I see this leading to Fifth Chakra issues with you - sore throats - thyroid issues due to the build up of your own unexpressed energy.

I feel that women are very important in your life but not necessarily the women in your family of origin - friends, coworkers - you rely on for commaraderie. Yet in some ways you are essentially different from them - deeper in your thoughts and feelings. Don't be led astray by values and beliefs that are not your own just to fit in - this is a trap that many if not most of us empaths fall into.

I see two roads open before you. One is "straight and narrow" and consists of a life spent doing, saying and thinking what is expected of you. I see that you are talented and gifted and you can "do" this life and do it very well. I see this as a mere shadow world, however, of the life you came here to live - ultimately disappointing you and always feeling dissatisfying somehow. The other road is not all that different in terms of the "who, what, where, when" but much different in terms of how you learn to honor your sensitivity, your gifts and yourself. This road will require some trailblazing on your part and not everyone will always understand you. Sometimes you will feel alone but it is the road you chose. This road brings a deeper, more meaningful experience and appreciation of life. This road will ultimately offer a partner and companions for whom you don't have to "dumb down".

I really feel that working on the courage to express who you really are and pursue the things that make you feel alive despite the opinions of others will serve you well. Also, coming to the understanding that others have come here to work on their "stuff" and there's nothing you can do to "save" them will also serve you. You can love someone without allowing them to take from you. In fact, it's the most loving thing you can do... Much love - hope I got some things right!

11/12/15 10:20:31AM @bing:

Hi Tmw95

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you.You are now among thousands of our kindand are no longer alone.Who you are is an empath and this is our oasis in this world.Here you can talk very openly about all that is on your mind knowing that you will always be treated with respect, kindness, compassion and, most importantly, LOVE. We are you; we are one.You will find that almost all of us have had that "too sensitive" label put on us as we vibrate at a higher frequency than most "normal" people. Most of us find the company of animals, other empaths, and the spiritual realm preferable to the rest of the world. They don't get us because they don't FEEL the oneness of all.

I am including some links from the Library of Lightfor you to enjoy. Just click on the titles and you will go right to the topics.

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The following link is all about helping animals & others on a daily basis and costs you nothing other than 30 seconds each day. You can register for daily email reminders on the upper right hand side of the home page.

Greater Good

Once again welcome to the EC. Welcome HOME.

Throw some love into the wind


11/12/15 10:23:11AM @bing:
Hi Your smile is warm,but your spirit is searching from your eyes. We will help you to understand who and what you are and why. You are now in a very good place for empaths. Know that you are loved