am I an empath?

By: Tina3
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Hi all,

I dont want to sound dumb but I am confused, can anyone shed light please? After reading what the characteristics of an empath are, I am quite sure I am on the right path...however...I also went to see a shrink whho I asked if I had the symptoms of bordeline personailty. While he said he doesnt like to label people, he said I did have some of the signs...Im so confused.... my general personality is this..

1. Dont trust others

2. Have a very strong connection to animals and nature (animals follow me at times etc)

3. Dont watch the news

4.Seem to ofload peoples baggage somehow even strangers

5. Have a knowing of things/dream things etc

6. Only have mild feelings from others, not heightened though. If I watch something like soneone hurting on tv I do get shooting pains now and again, but I dont generally pick up feelings alot face to face

7. Am known to many as having a massive temper :(((( (this is what makes me question myself)

8. Feel like I dont belong anywhere :( always feel lost..been described as a lost soul

9. Get hurt by people way too easily but instead of now crying I get mad and smash things :/ (hmmmm)

10. Get very anxious around people and go red very easily (weird)

11. People think Im nuts :(

12. Fall out with people easily if I feel they dont deserve my kindness, and I hide it so well they dont know its there

Help, what am I??!!

many Thanks xx

10/07/15 04:52:48AM @one-empath:

As you describe yourself - you are an empath.

And what about noice, lights and market places. How are you feeling there

10/07/15 05:43:11AM @tina3:
In supermarkets I feel over whelmed..bright lights very conscious and noise winds me up tbh!! They can also make me feel a bit dizzy also? Thanks for your comment :)
10/07/15 08:48:19AM @rene:
And probably an Animal Empath as well.
Emmy Long
10/08/15 10:37:09PM @emmy-long:
This is your time to explore. Find your "love" and yourself. It's never a bad idea to seek professional help if you feel something is "wrong" BUT professional licensed therapists/counselors aren't trained in this kind of thing (speaking form experience, I have a bachelors in psychology and working on my masters). School doesn't teach you everything. There's always "another possibility" unless you are infatuated with being empathic and have been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder or a similar disease, I'd keep exploring your options. This coming from an somebody who does NOT have a license. Seek all forms of help until you feel confident. And even the , if you decide you're empathic, a counselor is still a good idea. This informations coming from an empath who sees a shrink regularly. ;) Because we need just as much as help as the next person.