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am I an empath?

By Tina3, 2015-10-06

Hi all,

I dont want to sound dumb but I am confused, can anyone shed light please? After reading what the characteristics of an empath are, I am quite sure I am on the right path...however...I also went to see a shrink whho I asked if I had the symptoms of bordeline personailty. While he said he doesnt like to label people, he said I did have some of the signs...Im so confused.... my general personality is this..

1. Dont trust others

2. Have a very strong connection to animals and nature (animals follow me at times etc)

3. Dont watch the news

4.Seem to ofload peoples baggage somehow even strangers

5. Have a knowing of things/dream things etc

6. Only have mild feelings from others, not heightened though. If I watch something like soneone hurting on tv I do get shooting pains now and again, but I dont generally pick up feelings alot face to face

7. Am known to many as having a massive temper :(((( (this is what makes me question myself)

8. Feel like I dont belong anywhere :( always feel lost..been described as a lost soul

9. Get hurt by people way too easily but instead of now crying I get mad and smash things :/ (hmmmm)

10. Get very anxious around people and go red very easily (weird)

11. People think Im nuts :(

12. Fall out with people easily if I feel they dont deserve my kindness, and I hide it so well they dont know its there

Help, what am I??!!

many Thanks xx

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