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The Importance of Being Jonny
11/12/10 02:12:24PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:
The Importance of Being Jonny
11/12/10 02:16:21PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:
I was drawn to the Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels group that I saw in your groups list and I saw the topic about ringing in the ears.
07/20/11 07:31:29AM @bing:
Hi QuantelleThank you for your kind words. They mean a lot. I was urged by Elise to start the Library of Inspiration so that I could have all of my information in one place which would be available to everyone. Here are some short videos that I would like to share with you and you can then share them forward with others. The last one is an introduction to the music of "Liquid Mind". It is very relaxing music and the visuals are made by using a biofeedback program called "Brain Paint". The music is heard by the "painter" and run through a biofeedback system which then interprets the painter's brain waves and then "paints" the music. No two paintings would be the same. have many more videos available for your viewing under the "Inspirational Videos" topic on page 4 at the Library. If you ever have any questions, or want to talk about a topic that is not listed, please feel free to notify me right away. What you are thinking about is most likely on someone else's mind as well and it could be of benefit to them to see the topic listed. As well, I find it lots of fun to search a new topic for the Library and expand its base of information.Throw some love into the windBing
07/25/11 08:52:28AM @bing:
HI LionessIs there any particular angel you had in mind or any particular help that you need in a specific area? The reason I am asking this is because there are different angels for different "duties" as well as specific groups or "choirs" who handle various categories. If you can be a bit more definitive I can be of greater service to you in narrowing down a choir or individual angel who may be able to help you.At present I am not able to send a private message to anyone here at the EC after I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 ( DON'T DO IT) to use with Windows 7 . I can, however, read them so if you would prefer contacting me privately just send me a PM and I will then send you my email address.The main choirs are the following:1) Seraphim2)Cherubim3)Thrones4) Dominions5) Virtues6) Powers7) Principalities8) Archangels9) AngelsThere is also another group called "Midwayers" who are between the angels and us. The main Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel ( my guide), Jophiel (big smile), Jeremiel, and Haniel.Books I would recommend are "Praying with Angels" and "Encyclopedia of Angels" by Richard Webster and "A Book of Angels" by Sophy Burnham. "A Book of Angels" will give you a great introduction into angels, who and what they are, as well as some great personal stories from people who have met them. It will be a very treasured posession. Mr. Webster's books are more like a text book and reference guide.Here is a link to a talk given by Sophy Burnham. hope you enjoy this information and that if you have any questions or wish to discuss, anything at all, please contact me. I will always listen; always reply, and always be here for you. I have a saying, " To serve is to love; to love is to serve."Know that you are loved.Throw some love into the windBing