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What is the eternal soul?

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I understand that we were created from the earth this i know is true. But then the concept of a soul has me a little mystified. When we die our bodies become one with the earth again but what about the soul? Is the soul and spirit two seperate things because i know spirits linger after death but then how can we can we have past lives and new lives. Judgement says that certain deeds gets u an eternity in hell, but then how do u explain us coming back here again through birth? I have memories from past lives but yet here i am on this planet again. How is that possible? I know that in past lives ive done things that i would certainly have gone to hell for but then how am i here shouldnt i still be in hell. Am i still in hell? I would say then maybe its not for eternity but the term "eternity" is used historically wayy to much for it to just be 100% wrong... But then how do u explain me being here with memories of other lives ive lived. Our bodies expire our souls do not. Then who goes to hell for the bad deeds we commit. And how do we end up back on earth. Dante wrote the 'divine comedy' Because he believed he witessed hell he saw wat happends to the wicked souls of earth. No bad deed goes un punished and the punishment is always said to be an eternity? Is hell a concentration camp for the eternal soul?? Or Maybe i should be asking wat is eternity instead of wat is soul?
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or maybe you should be asking yourself what "hell" is :)

Ok, first i'm going to start with the soul versus spirit thing. I have no proof since this is not "tangible" but in my own perceptions, I believe the soul is the core of every person. It goes beyond the physical, mental, spiritual, ect and actually holds it all. It's hard to explain, but the soul carries all of these things, including past memories and experience. Kind of like a gigantic filing cabinet that stores everything in your life. It also houses your more deepest areas such as your intentions and desires, the darker emotions and even lightest emotions but everything is there is in it's core. It holds the scars and the pain of the past, but also holds passion and unconditional love. These areas are more hidden and often have to do some digging to figure out what is there.

Your spirit is your connection point to all things living. Being that all living things have a spirit whether it be a spirit of a lighter source or a darker one, depending on the person, but we are all connected through the spirit . Kind of like the movie Avatar where they would connect their hair with the creatures, plants and even one another, the spirit is basically the same thing and allows you to connect your energy with another being.

ok, hell, what is hell to YOU? Forget the bible and the 50 billion visions that never match one another, because these are ALL perceptions of that person on what they perceive "hell" to be. Now is your time to figure out what it is for you.

For me, I don't see fire and brimstone, in fact, i learned this when I was five. It just took me forever to figure it out. It's a long story so I will give you a link if you want to read it later. But basically, it was the first "ghost" I can recall channeling. I felt his fear and his refusal to go to heaven. He was afraid of judge's, and the feeling around him was so dark and oppression. Have you ever felt what emptiness feels like? Have you ever felt what void? feels like? It's a feeling that is so indescribable. Nothingness, dark, empty ... anyway's, after experiencing my own "different "realms I realized recently that it is not a matter of a place but more of a perception.

When I was a teen, I used to play a game that required it's players to astral project to the gates of hell. I swear we weren't evil, most of us weres imply fighting evil before it came to earth. This is another long story,lol, but even after being raised with the fire and brimstone theory, that is not what I saw. In fact, some of the areas I traveled were some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Sure, the water was acid, and evil people trying to kill you all the time, but that may actually be my point, because that part was my perception as being part of the game. I have no doubt that on several occasions we traveled together because we were all connected. But when I moved and left contact with those people, I saw them less and the new "group" I saw more regularly.

I'm not saying it's a complete illusion, in fact, I don't feel it's an illusion at all because I can't tell you have many times I woke up with scratches, bruises, black eyes and shadows all over the place. But, I feel that my perception of what I knew to be real, was real and became real because of my belief in it. Are there other forces? I believe there are. But, over years of so many different experiences in the astral or spiritual plains, I feel that hell is different for everyone. I also feel that hell is simply another spiritual realm that is seperated from God or from the light of whoever, separate from the higher realms. I feel that there is more than just one realm and feel that on a more basic level, because I'm a simple person and to much complication confuses me,lol, but I feel that there is like a transitional realm, like the astral plain where people go and hang out until they are ready to cross over

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read below comment first :)

But they have to be willing to leave the more negative things behind. Sometimes this can be a very difficult thing to do and I don't feel that everyone must stay in this realm. Some are ready the moment they pass away and simply choose to leave.

I also feel that there is a more darker and sinister realm, but feel that it's really up to the person. I have seen spirits who were trapped by now human entities and were literally in their own private hell. When they were ready to forgive, or release or whatever, then they were able to move on to the higher realms...aka heaven. Yet, I have also seen spirits who have stayed on the astral plain awhile longer, who didn't have any entities attached to them, and where here for a specific purpose and once that purpose was done, they were gone. I feel this has to do with your state of mind, but I also feel that the longer you stay in the darker areas, the less light you see and the light within begins to disappear. I also believe that God can send his Angels or Jesus or whoever he feels is strong enough to go down there and try to help them out, if they ask for help. What is basically boils down, for me, is free will and our choices.

I feel that is we travel through the realms with a body, why would the rules change without the body?

Anyway's this is just a perception and simply helping you to maybe explore your own options through your own experiences and beliefs. I no longer feel that "one size fits all" and that we must find out own individual path, because we are all individual. It's difficult to get past the teachings of our younger years, but when we are connected to the person we say is our God, and if nothing is impossible, then it is easy to reason that we are all different and things will be different for each of us, and all things are possible. But this is what makes it go from religion to spirituality. This is what makes our relationship with God personal. To walk this path, you will have to be willing to challange all of your past beliefs and to accept what YOUR God is telling you. Will there be alot of confusion? yes, I won't lie to you, but it also makes you truly understand that he didn't make us into clones, and that he truly does want a relationship with you, not the you and the 50 million other people together, just you, one on one.

What helped me was when I realized that the God I worship is a God of love and doesn't want to see people go to hell, and I don't feel that he will send us to hell, because he loves us, instead, i place more responsibility on the person and simply choosing to be separated from God or the light, but when they are ready, God will accept them with open arms. I understand "tough love" but when your kid screws up, are you going to just turn your back for the rest of their lives, or when they are ready to change you will accept them with open arms? So the concept of eternal damnation makes no sense to me unless the person chooses to not let go, or drown in their misery, or whatever keeps them from the light.

As far as punishment for our "sins" you have to ask yourself what a sin is, because this perception to does very. And if people were so concerned about their sin, why do we have spiritual leaders sleeping with prostitutes and molesting children? To me, sin is simply going against your own soul or the things within your soul. ( this does NOT make molesting and killing children right by ANY means!!) But then again, we we not created with these desires, and this is where connection comes into play. Another topic,lol. But if you look at sin, what is sin to you? what are the things that draw you away from your inner light? This is sin. If it draws you away from your inner light and divides your connection to your God, then this would be the thing that would be YOUR sin. Punishments will very and when we are not connected to the light, then we inheren

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07/15/11 04:42:24PM @the-lioness-q:

Thank u all very much for the insights.

Vibrations and chakras are somethin i hope to become more familiar with. Ill have to do some research on this beacuse i am curious about the Nirvana and raising the kundalini.

Angel that is quite the response and is giving me much grateful ponderings. Its helping me to open many avenues of thought now. Things i hadnt taken into consideration as yet. The different Realms are also a curiosity of mine. I guess im like how many are there and which one are we and stuff. Also hell being a mind thing sound very practical. Makes me wonder about Hades(the afterlife) and the river stix if that is really wat hell is maybe like a storage place for souls waiting to be renewed.

And yup after a 3 day kinda mental binge the memories just floated back! and thanks again for all the interesting words of wisdom :)

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O yeaa for sure im interested... and yes i agree with u about that we need that to maintain a balance in the universe. Ya know something that ive been thinkin about lately is the whole different planes thing like which plane is which and who is where and how does it all work together as one?? Im always asking questions to learn more lol but these are things i want to understand. I mean from birth i was told people with wat is called empathic ablilities dont even exsist them BAM here we are :) so now ive got this whole new world to explore and figure out one piece at a time

05/18/14 07:02:28PM @inlanddan:

Hi Lioness, this life can be confusing but you can understand what is going on too, I think it is awesome you are a reader but all these points of view can conflict each other causing the confusion you are feeling. I suggest you use the Empath Survival Program on the main page and also go to the group; Tools for the Empathand find some grounding techniques before you take on much more.

The Lioness ~*Q*~
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Irrelevance.. this time has passed, but thank you