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Warriors Soul

By: The Lioness ~*Q*~
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My spirit flickers with a dying lite

My soul is hiding in a corner waiting for one single moment of relief

But it never comes, it never does

The sparkle that used to sit in eyes no longer exists

Makes me wish i was under the grass

Where the other low lifes crawl

That is what i am Low life

I have a low level of life

I fade out n black out from it all

I punch i kick i scream but theres no end to my doom

Makes me wish i was old english lying in my Tomb

Hands gripped to a cobbled sword

Once used for battle now lays still

A deadly silence

A warriors soul tormented and jeered

A fighters spirit completely turned to dust

Very similar to the grains of old life that now lay on her chest

She was great, she was, she is was

She now wears a mask when she looks out her window

Afraid someone will see what she really is a broken Spirit with no hope for tomorrow

I wrote this a couple months ago

The Lioness ~*Q*~
10/17/10 08:11:31AM @the-lioness-q:
Yes it was about me and im sad to say that i do feel this way sometimes im involved in a very complicated situation and this poem describes exactly how it make me feel...ive come to accept it the way it is but it still hurts very much and very deeply. But on the positive side it will end one day but untill that day comes this poem is just where my emotions are when it come to the "situation"...ive never been thorough anything that made me feel this much emotion before one of the hardest things i have ever had to deal with..its so bad that almost everything in the universe has now gotten involved with tryin to help me cope with it. Some try and help some try and hurt. It honestly has taken over my whole being and is the reason why i even thought about this "secret" side to life so to in a away all my pain has turned into a blessing...i really just hope the pain ends soon..all i can do is hope at this point
Bill Walker
03/12/11 02:41:15PM @bill-walker:
Quantelle you wrote this several months ago, so I pray that you have come out into the light since this sounded so dark. Please remember that we all experience many of the same challenges throughout lfe, so you are never truelly alone!
The Lioness ~*Q*~
03/13/11 01:34:19AM @the-lioness-q:
Thank you i will try to remember that. Light and love :)