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He used to live next door to me

By: The Lioness ~*Q*~
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It hurts so much when he ______ or...

Hes no t my soulmate or any meaningful to me what so ever. But I feel everything he does. I met him a few times but we haven't spoken in years. But its almost like his heart is connected to mine. But not in a loving way, in a way that if his blood stopped flowing so would mine. If hes sick so am I, if I sneeze he has to wipe the snot off his nose.


04/30/15 04:57:29PM @flyrobinfly:

..........weird ............. like time twins or something ............... perhaps a sacred contract that is yet to unfold?

The Lioness ~*Q*~
04/30/15 05:49:54PM @the-lioness-q:
He was a friend at one point.. (he's a real person)
04/30/15 06:27:50PM @flyrobinfly:

.......some sort of unfinished business going on with the Universe here I think. I don't mean that you will be in a relationship. Perhaps you have been given a job of putting puzzle pieces together. It make take years or decades. Does he enter your dreams. If so... pay very close attention.

The Lioness ~*Q*~
04/30/15 06:32:07PM @the-lioness-q:
Ever since I met him..
04/30/15 06:42:14PM @flyrobinfly:

TBH I don't like the sound of it, and I think youwould be wiseto ensure that you are never alone with him.

The Lioness ~*Q*~
04/30/15 07:22:28PM @the-lioness-q:
I just want to forget that he exists (to avoid a nightmare:that is how I typically would handle a situation like this..?)
04/30/15 07:31:52PM @flyrobinfly:

I'm just wondering if he has an obsession with you? Do you think that's possible?

The Lioness ~*Q*~
04/30/15 07:34:27PM @the-lioness-q:
I think he has a conflicted ego
Emmy Long
05/01/15 09:18:08AM @emmy-long:
Like Robin said, I don't think you should be alone with him. I immediately picked up feelings of obsession/jealousy and something else that seems like rage/desperation when I read your post. I'm only learning how to interpret these things I'm experiencing, and I refuse to read a person without their permission so I can't say what aspects of him they're coming from or on what level they reside in him. I just know what I feel.
The Lioness ~*Q*~
05/05/15 11:37:03AM @the-lioness-q:
He said he doesn't really care, because he can't <--ether