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Im so weak, this situation is draining me. I don't understand why my friends alienate me. Its so hard on me, i dont know how to fix it.

When I do good they hurt..

and they totally ignore me online and stuff

Explain that???

Bill Walker
05/24/14 04:02:51PM @bill-walker:

Are you just referring to online friends or all of your friends? If it's just online, I have noticed that many of my friends are just to busy, most likely because they are outside or otherwise doing Spring/Summer stuff, and not really on the internet that much as of late!

The Lioness ~*Q*~
05/24/14 04:24:04PM @the-lioness-q:

Well i mean its people i know not internet friends..

05/25/14 01:18:58PM @inlanddan:

Hi Lioness, unfortunately this is a common trait for us. We tend to make other peoples emotions our own and we tend to become self absorbed. Your comment is vague as to the reasons why they are alienating you? Are you sharing the whole empath thing with them? Is is something more just as friends? Remember to that it is very normal as we get older that we seem to drift in different directions. Also you can ask yourself, am I just outgrowing them? Just some thoughts that may help. Dan:)

The Lioness ~*Q*~
05/27/14 06:13:56PM @the-lioness-q:

Thank you so much Dan I def. took your words to heart..

Bill Walker
05/28/14 02:16:19PM @bill-walker:

I've also found that people, myself included, seem to frighten people away from us even when they first meet us, I suspect that a heightened sense such asmost of us have here on this site scares people away even when they don't realize why. to them it's just a gut feeling of uncertainty I think?