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Time.. this distance..

By: The Lioness ~*Q*~
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I wish i could tell you all about how Im feeling and what I've been going through..

Other than the life staples that cant be missed Job Car,

Its really ALL there is to me, lately. I dont want to erase whatever progress ive made by doing something stupid(ie. Talking about it before its over, if there is an "over"). That doesnt make sense right. But my progress isnt physical its ethereal and all consuming..


I have concerns about my Identity, who will I become, who can i trust.. When they find out about me...When they know..

I have to go now..

Bill Walker
05/17/14 02:10:12PM @bill-walker:

Don't take to much of all of this onto yourself because it will drive you truly crazy if you try to make total sense out of something that none of us here are yet able to fully comprehend. You will be exactly who were meant to be at any given moment in the future and it would be extremely difficult to prepare for those moments before they occur. Try to love everyone and everything and just let your spirit roam as freely as possible.