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Life breaths life

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2016-01-08
Sometimes I dream about terrible things before they happen, and then they just happen..
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Reading emotions at work

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2015-10-24

You guys I totally got into trouble at my job due to my empathicness. (Totally blindsided me btw) Well I wrote this post in the gem stone and crystals group a few years back and I read the person emotions towards me and they were negative so I yelled at her in the post. and I had allowed myself to think I was being crazy, you know she didnt technically say anything bad at all but I read her and reacted. But now I know that It wasn't me being crazy it was me being an Empath.

and yes so at work now.. Well it just so happneds that I turned off a group of people unintentionally, but you know they're very sensitive so I could understand why they ended up feeling they way they did, but anyway so it got to a point where as they moved around the room I could sense how they felt about me and it was veryy negative. So you know I start reacting based off their feelings and my other co-workers are looking at me like what the heck is wrong with you??But I realize now that I was doing it again, I was reading how they were feeling towards me and reacting like a teenager, You know like eye rolls here, throws this throws that, just being a bitch right back at them.

And my (new appointed supervisor >:I ) had no idea why I kept getting into all these problems with everyone, I can see it from his point of view Im such a sweet nice person but then randomly throughout the day I would have these outbursts of emotions against certain people.

But I guess I've kinda learned my lesson, because I literally caused a mild chaos in my work place. I mean people started reacting of me, I reacted off them, other people in the office that arent even empathetic got caught up in it.. it was just a huge mess

Ive since (you know as of a week ago) gained control of my workspace. You know with a little extra Lioness boost too ;), so in the end Im glad I was able to realize what was happening and take control of the situation, so like kudos to me :)

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He used to live next door to me

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2015-04-30

It hurts so much when he ______ or...

Hes no t my soulmate or any meaningful to me what so ever. But I feel everything he does. I met him a few times but we haven't spoken in years. But its almost like his heart is connected to mine. But not in a loving way, in a way that if his blood stopped flowing so would mine. If hes sick so am I, if I sneeze he has to wipe the snot off his nose.


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By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2015-03-25
Tears not my tearsPain not my painLess shallow graveMore shallow lifeIt ends and begins again
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The Midnight Moon

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2014-07-05

Yes come cold distant moon, bring me my nightmare, as you've done night and night before
O cold distant rock your way of reflecting my pain never seases to amaze me
The way u display my fears, with the same verocity, as the very light you dispel on us every midnight
U ring through my being in a dreamers way that makes every bone shutter in ur refelective truth
O midnight moon u freeze me, and I turn my cheek, while u frost the other side

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By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2014-05-24

Im so weak, this situation is draining me. I don't understand why my friends alienate me. Its so hard on me, i dont know how to fix it.

When I do good they hurt..

and they totally ignore me online and stuff

Explain that???

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Time.. this distance..

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2014-05-16

I wish i could tell you all about how Im feeling and what I've been going through..

Other than the life staples that cant be missed Job Car,

Its really ALL there is to me, lately. I dont want to erase whatever progress ive made by doing something stupid(ie. Talking about it before its over, if there is an "over"). That doesnt make sense right. But my progress isnt physical its ethereal and all consuming..


I have concerns about my Identity, who will I become, who can i trust.. When they find out about me...When they know..

I have to go now..

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What is the eternal soul?

By The Lioness ~*Q*~, 2011-07-09
I understand that we were created from the earth this i know is true. But then the concept of a soul has me a little mystified. When we die our bodies become one with the earth again but what about the soul? Is the soul and spirit two seperate things because i know spirits linger after death but then how can we can we have past lives and new lives. Judgement says that certain deeds gets u an eternity in hell, but then how do u explain us coming back here again through birth? I have memories from past lives but yet here i am on this planet again. How is that possible? I know that in past lives ive done things that i would certainly have gone to hell for but then how am i here shouldnt i still be in hell. Am i still in hell? I would say then maybe its not for eternity but the term "eternity" is used historically wayy to much for it to just be 100% wrong... But then how do u explain me being here with memories of other lives ive lived. Our bodies expire our souls do not. Then who goes to hell for the bad deeds we commit. And how do we end up back on earth. Dante wrote the 'divine comedy' Because he believed he witessed hell he saw wat happends to the wicked souls of earth. No bad deed goes un punished and the punishment is always said to be an eternity? Is hell a concentration camp for the eternal soul?? Or Maybe i should be asking wat is eternity instead of wat is soul?
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