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Ask and ye shall receive

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-02-14

Since I discovered Archangel Gabe was my angel, I've been asking him to show himself to me because I needed that confirmation cuz I have a tendency to doubt everything, even my doubts and that's bad.

Ironically after the blog I wrote this morning, as I waited for the bus for school, I focused up at the sky as it was a clear blue sunny early spring day. Before I knew it, a ball of light streaked downward then dissipated before my eyes. I looked around, no one else seemed to be looking up at the sky so it was meant for my eyes. I should also mention there was no sound of impact.

At first thought I knew it had to be an angel, at second thought I questioned whether it was a meteorite, a piece of a plane, anything but the feeling of it being an angel stood with me.

Gabriel has heard my cries to him lately and he showed me he exists so I can trust in him the way he wants me to. I will light a candle for him tonight at 11:11.

Thank you Gabriel.

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I need support

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-02-13

55_blogs.jpgSo for those who know about me and Wolf being past life brothers or soul brothers, there's a third. Ben and he's our baby brother.

I'm happy I found him as well and I love them both, I embrace them both. The both of them are more powerful than I can fathom and here I feel inadequate as the middle child. I look to the both of them to help me advance my gifts but I am getting nowhere and feel obsolete.

Ironically, I'm hearing from both of them separately that I am meant to be very powerful and a force. Ben was so kind to allow Archangel Gabriel to speak to me through him and he tells me what they are telling me and boy, if I didn't already believe in the paranormal I'd be highly skeptical.

I dunno why I doubt myself so much. I knew psychics existed, I think I knew empaths existed, but why is it that when I get the knowledge that I am an empath and always have been, part of me is still so very shocked and can't accept the truth? Is that why my abilities are so buried deep inside me? No matter how often I tell myself that I am special and have a lot to offer the world and those who need help, I just can't come to terms with who I am.

Another thing that is keeping me down in the dumps is I have no familial support outside EC. I am so very thankful for my brothers but to be truthful, I would like to discuss myself with my other family. I tried to do that with my siblings, brother and sister. My brother rejected me by changing the subject hurtfully when I told him about me and my sister doesn't like to hear about empaths or the spiritual world because it scares her.

She has very powerful visions, so what Archangel Gabriel told me about myself must be true because it seems to run in my family. I feel so very alone. I just wish I had someone in the outside world to talk to about this who will embrace me so that I have that extra support. I know I have everyone here on EC, but no disrespect, but it's just not the same. Your family is who you often look to when you have a problem and I need support and I can't tell anyone because they wouldn't understand. This is so far above their understanding I wouldn't even know how to go about explaining it.

I guess if I had extra support from extra sources I would feel better about myself and the doubt would start to fade allowing me to embrace who I am and what I can do. Over these past 6 months, being an empath has been something I have forgotten that I am. I have to remind myself because its so damned surreal. It's just not seeping into my subconscious. And thus is where my problem lies.

Archangel Gabriel told me I am the one causing the blockage. Something I already knew. I guess in order for the blockage to go away, I would have to release the doubt....but I dunno how.

Thank you for reading. And thank you to Archangel Gabriel, who said he's always been there for me and always will be, my older brother Wolf and my younger brother Ben. All of whom are worlds away from me....

The Vessel-Wolf

The Visionary-Jonny

The Warrior-Ben

"Our strength lies in our power of three"

Blessed be,


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When they need you they find you

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-01-29

I'm still new to the whole empath thing so some things I am not catching on to until now.

I always encounter people in real life coming up to me, asking for my help or just wanting to talk to me, as any empath would. When it comes to the internet, I was always suspicious about who adds me on Facebook, especially if they didn't meet one or several of the criteria:

-Has a mutual friend

-Lives in or near my city

-Has same interests

-Has same groups

-Knows my email

-Knows my full name

Anything that would let me know this person found me through one of those few things. I seem to be getting quite a few people adding me from all over the US and different countries. Until I figured out why this could be happening, instead of denying their requests, I accepted them because I see now they may want my help and don't really know why they added me if they basically don't know who I am.

One woman, who seemed familiar somehow added me. She was one of those no mutual such and such people. I accepted her request and started talking to her. I had to ask her, "Theresa, are you from EC?". When she finally replied to my message, she said "Naw, honey. I'm not a college student, but thank you for assuming that."

It was an LOL moment, but she wasn't from EC either. We got to talking and she mentioned something about my light shining on dark areas and my being a teacher for those who don't know any better.

I don't know where that statement came from, but it solidified my suspicions of people reaching out to me either to help me, or to be helped. Theresa seems to want to help me and I accept it.

Just now I got a request from a woman from the Philippines. Same thing, no criteria was met so I introduced myself and we got to talking. She asked me where I'm from. I told her Brooklyn, NY. I just cut short the convo because it is getting late.

Even though I haven't fully come into my true potential as an empath, people see me and they are reaching out. So the suspicious, neurotic, paranoid of a person I used to be, but still am, I will put aside and see things for what they are and not as "I don't want strangers adding me".

This is God telling me that I have to try to help these people or allow their help in one way or another and I fully accept that. I said it before and I'll say it again, when I want to be left alone, people are always finding me but I will be glad to help out any way I can.

Anyone else this is happening to? Not just online, but anywhere? I must say, since I found out I was an empath this has been happening more often. I'm very tempted to ask how they found me, but I don't want to come off as saying I don't want to be friends either.

Blessed be,


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Lookin' back on when I first dreamt, part II(Psychic moments)

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-01-15

I mentioned in the Angel Numbers topic that I had been seeing the number 11 for years. I forget I wrote this entry back in 2004:

9) Monday, June 7th 2004- This has actually been happening for a while, but eerily Ive been seeing the 11th minute of every hour for so long. At least a month. Its been bugging me a lot, Im actually tired of seeing it. This has happened to me before. A couple of years ago I kept seeing the 12th minute of every hour. Is it just coincidence or what?I talked to Malisa about it and she says it could mean another 9/11 is about to happen. She couldnt have scared me more. Last weekend, I saw a fight break out in the parking lot area in back of my building. Some angry guy broke a beer bottle at the neck and slashed it at this other guy. I saw him drop like a fly, but he was okay. Afterwards I called 911 to report this. They came 6 minutes later, go fig. Anyway, spooky thing is, the parking lot address is 111 parkside ave, and I just happened to call 911. All signs keep pointing to 11. What does it mean? One more thing to add, after learning of Ronald Reagans death on 6/5/04, I just happened to add up the month and day of when he died, and guess what? It adds up to 11...

10) Monday, June 7th 2004-While seeing a news coverage on the loss of Ronald Reagan, I realize his birthyear was in 1911. More signs pointing to 11. Its really spooking the hell out of me.

One of my first documented Communipathy moments and one I remembered from so long ago:

20) Friday, June 25th 2004-Star Trek: Deep Space Nine...I just began watching it a couple of months ago on SpikeTv. I remember seeing a handful of episodes years ago back when it was on the WB. In season 3-4, there is a character introduced named Lt Cmmdr. Eddington. The first time I saw him, something just told me I just dont trust this guy. His character is gonna turn evil or betray someone on the station. I stuck with that feeling everytime I saw him. There was just something about him.Getting to the point, in todays episode, The die is cast, Lt Cmmdr Eddington sabotages the Defiant and is confined to quarters by Commander Sisko. I seriously dont know if what I experienced was empathy, because one, this was a character on tv, and two those episodes featuring Eddington were filmed in 1995. Its like I sensed his intentions through the tv. He didnt at any time display any reasons for me to think he was a shady character, he just seemed shady to me. I DIDNT TRUST HIM AS FAR AS I COULD THROW HIM!

28) Monday, July 12th 2004- While watching an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine today,entitled For the cause, the character I wrote about in my journal previously, Lt. Cmdr. Eddington reveals that he is a member of the Maquis, and has been hiding his true identity while being a crew member on Deep Space Nine.Since the beginning, I have said that I just did not trust his character for some reason. I had never seen this guy before. My suspicions were right. I dont really know if what just happened was Empathy. You cant really empath someone from tv. But , its almost as if I read his true intentions right through the television. Spooky.

32) Monday, July 19th 2004- Tonight I was watching an old episode of Who wants to be a Millionaire?. During the contestant introduction, right before the Hotseat question, the camera passed a guy named Michael Avitzur. As soon as the camera focused on him, I got this feeling. Right away I said, Its him! Hes gonna make it to the Hotseat. After the Hotseat question was read, of all ten people, guess who got it right? MICHAEL AVITZUR!Psychic intuition is what happened tonight. Bitchin!

41) Saturday, August 7th 2004- Today I was dreaming that my sister Leah called me and was asking me if I wanted to go somewhere with her. In the middle of the dream, my Mom starts waking me up. After Im fully awake, she says that my sister Leah is on the phone and wants to know if I want to go with her to New Jersey today.I didnt wanna go because I was really tired. That has happened many times before. Id be dreaming about something, and experience what I was dreaming as soon as I awoke. That was a premonition. I think the first one that came true like 10 seconds later. Its as if I had a flash of something to happen in the next couple of seconds.In the dream, I was sitting on the right side of my bed talking to Leah. Still being groggy from a good sleep, I had no idea that when I woke up to talk to Leah, I was on the right side of my bed talking to Leah, just like I saw.

When I lost the empathic faith in myself:

55) Monday, September 27th 2004-After deep thought about my gifts, Ive determined that I only am able to dream about the future on occasions. I am not an Empath. True, I am deeply connected to peoples emotions, felt someones pain before, and myself am a very emotional person, AND was diagnosed as an Empath by an Empath, but ever since I found that out, Ive been thinking about what an Empath truely is. All the characteristics, traits, and symtoms of an Empath, I really dont have. Today I saw a tired guy who was working out in the back cutting tree stumps. He went to take a rest, and looked very exausted. I tried to connect myself to his emotions and feelings and felt nothing. If I was an Empath, Id be able to feel someones emotions, even when I dont want to. Thats what Empathy is. I never feel that, so I decided Im not one after all.

My favorite psychic moment happened on World Empath Day. Go figure!

136) Friday, November 11th 2005-Ive been thinking about this for a long time and dont think I ever mentioned this important piece of information concerning my premonitions. About 2 years ago, I had a dream of a known AOL nuisance named Dwayne. I dreamt he would be in the chat room in red font, font that hes never in, saying the phrase sup Ben-gay. Ben is another known AOL nuisance. He acts gay, if you will, to others, which is why people started calling him Ben gay.

Anyway, that was the dream. Im not sure how many days after the dream the event occurred, but it came true JUST as I saw it. No minor changes, no different surroundings, what I saw unconscious is what I saw conscious.The day it came true, I entered the chat room just to scope things out. As I saw that Dwayne was in red font, I knew it was about to come true, so I asked my good friend Sarah to watch with me as the premonition unfolded. At that point, it wasnt even a vision, it was a strong feeling that Ben was about to enter.

This was a couple seconds after I thought it. BAM, just as I thought, there he entered. From that point on, my vision came true: Dwayne saying sup Ben-Gay to Ben in red font.That was the moment I knew I was psychic. From then on, things have gone a little rough, but that was the moment that permanently proved to me I was psychic, no questions about it. Thats also the day I proved to Sarah that although Im just another person on the internet, I wasnt lying when I said I was psychic. Her reaction to seeing what I predicted: WTF! :-)

Entries 30 and up show how incredibly psychic I was in the early millennium. So psychic, I knew when dreams were gonna come true. I just knew.


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My thoughts and this song

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-01-12

I've grown to love this song over the course of I dunno how many months and it's become my sad song. Just a song that gets me emotional when things are on my mind. All I ever wanna do is share it with people.

Count on You by Big Time Rush ft. Jordin Sparks

Here's the extended version of the song:

And here is the short version/music video from the show Big Time Rush

I've analyzed this song from the background music, to the harmonies, to the melodies. It's just a fantastic song and I'm glad it was made.

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My year of 2010 in review

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2010-12-28

January-Still reeling from having been very ill in December. Now I was in make up assignments/finals mode and had to work quick.

February-To make myself feel better I invited my closest girl friends, dubbed "The Cheetah Girls" along with several others who all canceled last minute to help me celebrate my 27th birthday at Applebee's. It was just me, my cousin and 2 great friends.

LOL-the one time I try to smile for the occasion, I come out looking younger than I already do!


March-April-No memory unfortunately.

May-My brother and sister flew from Oregon to NYC to surprise my mother for her 65th birthday. My other sister planned a big party in celebration and I sat back and watched as my mom celebrated probably the happiest moment of her life to date.


June-August-One of the best summers I ever had simply because it was spent being sloth-like as I was officially on sabbatical from school. Weeknights were awesome because I had an extended Charmed marathon to help keep me in great spirits. The whole experience was different and something I have to try again.

Aside from the summertime heat, I couldn't really complain. I was working on my weight loss goals and eating habits had gotten better so things were looking up instead of spiraling down as it often did.


July-I'd began having thoughts of myself being or not being an empath. Some THING was calling me, telling me to do research, learn more and accept this part of me that I did not know was there before. I googled "Am I an empath?" and found the Empath Community. I joined and things took off from there. Turns out, I not only was an empath, but I always have been.

August-I meet Wolf Rain, a connection was felt by the both of us in regard to each other. I couldn't really talk to him at the moment because I made plans to get away from NYC for 11 days and spent that time in Maryland. He as well went on a getaway and couldn't talk to me. That's just the first of many twin-like things we both experienced in our own separate lives.


I traveled Amtrak for the first time by myself and it was such a freeing experience. I felt like the adult I always wanted to be but never had the chance to be. While most of the vacation was spent at my aunt's home alone, I still appreciated the fact I got away from all things stressful: Family, friends and environment.43_blogs.jpg


September-Wolf and I begin chatting more and everything started becoming clear. We were brothers in multiple lifetimes. He's the otherolder brother I always thought of but never knew I had. Our spiritual connection as well as a mutual friend's started blossoming. The friendships I had prior to this were destroyed so God could guide me to those who werereally meant for me.

I come to terms with the fact that although we are neighbors geographically, it's best if we don't meet each other for fear that the spiritual connection we've had for lifetimes, the same one that drew me to him on this very site would start to fade. It's so cliche actually. Destined to be reunited, but can never meet. It's like a knife to the heart every time I think about it because I can say with certainty, he's the one I've been searching for all my life but didn't know.

Whether it's the right thing to do or not, I still want him most of all to think hard about the idea. We weren't given a chance in our present lives and located in NYC and NJ respectively all to ignore the possibility of meeting.

After a full semester/year off, I start back school with an awesome schedule and determination for things to be different. Although long and boring, I hung in there and stood my ground and earned a B, B+ and B.

I also started physical therapy for my cervical spine defect. It was a relaxing thing to do twice a week for temporary pain relief.


October-December-School was coming to an end. I complained every step of the way, but the semester was now over. And I am currently relaxing, awaiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Day so I can start one of many new things for the year of 2011, but first up-Winter semester where I plan to complete my credits for the Fall/Winter term.

Here's hoping 2011 brings new wonders, amazement and bliss for me and those I care about.

Blessed be,


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An idea for my Short Fiction class

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2010-12-19

Only, the story won't be fiction, but it sounds fictional enough to some people. This class btw I am registered for in the spring. I think this as well as a creative writing class will help improve and fine tune my writing skills since I'd like some semblance of a career writing stuff.

I thought to turn the past 4 months here on EC into a "fictional" story and see how well my professor likes it. I would write about how all my life I felt a certain way, different, sensitive and alone. How along the span of my life I discovered I was an empath. I would be adding huge amounts of personal and real things with the occasional fictional twist.

I think the story itself would be so out there that it may just be something my professor would enjoy reading. My first short story I ever wrote was in 2008 and it was a minor assignment the entire class did in class. All I did was add elements of my favorite show Charmed and it turned out to be not only something the professor enjoyed reading, but the class as well. I had to make copies and pass it around. I think I even let one classmate have it.

I never expected that response to my writing. It's as if my words were new and exciting and had a lust which lured in those who read it.

This idea came to me today actually. This is a way for me to tell everyone without having to tell anyone. Of all things, who would write about becoming an empath...fictionally? Right? I think I may be onto something and this is just the first of possibly many ideas.

I never thought I'd be brave enough to take another writing/english class after my required english courses were completed. Like I said, it would help me expand my writing capabilities and know how to properly write a good story. Plus I even think it'll help me learn the meaning to certain words like "hyperbole" which I hear is used often in writing. It's as easy as me Googling the word, but will I remember the definition? Not so much..

Blessed be,


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Lookin' back on when I first dreamt...

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2010-12-01
Every now and again I like to look back into my psychic journal to see what I documented and when. Boy have I forgotten some things!

I'd like to share one journal entry with all of you concerning an internet friend at the time out on a date with his girlfriend. To this day I am still unsure of what I experienced. Was it a premonition, astral projection, time travel, etc...

I had the dream in 2005, I documented what I saw from a picture in relation to the dream in 2007. Here it is:

180)Monday, March 5th, 2007-I should just start this off by saying I should not have the urge to tell various people my dreams, whether I dont dream anymore or do. Itll save me the embarrassment.

Anyway, Id like to point out that a dream I had almost 2 years ago just came true. It was a dream about a friend of mine named Mike. Heres the entry:

126) Thursday, October 13th 2005-Last night I dozed off for a couple hours and quite possibly astral projected. Lately I dont remember much about what I dreamt, but I do remember either walking side by side or being on a date with my girlfriend. Only thing, it was not my girlfriend. I dont have one.

It was the girlfriend of a person on Myspace named Mike. He recently got a girlfriend. I did mention to him that he seemed happy lately. Of course that was me sensing happiness from him. Back to the dream, the girl and I were walking side by side through a parking lot. I remember her looking up at me and me looking down at her. This girl, Ashley, is taller than me and shorter than Mike. Im shorter than them both, so thats proof it couldnt have been me in the dream. I was in Mikes body experiencing his date with her.

Thats pretty much what I remember about the dream. I do have a strong feeling it was astral projection, and I think Ill stick with it. Ive always said, when it comes to my dreams I always know whether it was a vision or not. As to if it was, Ill never know. Im not about to ask Mike if he and Ashley were out walking with each other through a parking lot. Even if I was curious, I couldnt see myself questioning him. Too awkward.

I was on Mikes Myspace when I saw this picture in a slideshow he has. This is exactly what I dreamt. I may have been in the place of Mike, but nonetheless, whatever anyone says, this is what I fucking dreamt, right down to the way Ashley is looking at me/Mike. Again, Im tempted to ask him something, but this time, the question would be when the picture was taken.

Ironically, another Myspace friend named Mike at the time, the only one I confided in whenever I had visions thought I was just grasping at straws and it was a total coincidence. Yeah, tell that again to the guy who discovered he was a clairvoyant astral projecting empath several years later!

If it's not too ridiculous, as most of them are, I'll occasionally share an entry from my journal. I just documented my 236th entry and started the journal on Memorial Day 2004. :)

Blessed be,


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