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A very proud moment for me

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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In addition to being an empath, I am also clairvoyant and in the past, some ten+ years ago, I would get these visions via dreaming and the moment they were about to come true, I would feel that it was about to happen, so I stood by and watched. One time, to prove my visions to her, I told a friend to watch the chat room we were both in because what I saw in a dream was about to come true--I felt it! There it did, just how I saw it. She was baffled. Shortly after, I stopped having visions, my dreams were even dampened like something was wrong. So I went years feeling like my third eye was sewn shut and I couldn't get it open.

In December, I dreamt about a scene from this past Monday's episode of 90210, one of my favorite shows. After I woke up, I told myself to document this dream because the last time I dreamt about a potential future episode of one of my favorite TV shows, 6 years had past and 6 years later, I went back to the premiere of that episode and confirmed that it did unfold how I dreamt it. Well on Monday, I remembered this 90210 dream and it's a good thing because as I was watching, I was recalling what I dreamed and I forgot the guy in my dream was wearing a gray shirt. The guy on Monday's episode was wearing a gray shirt. At that moment I was giggling stupidly because I knew what was about to happen. About a minute later, my vision came true. That wasn't the best part, the best part was getting to experience again, what it is like for me to witness a vision coming true. I'm so tired of deja vu. And I feel most of my deja vu is a vision I had that I could not remember the moment I woke up. That rare moment--the last time this happening was ten years ago--is something for the history books of me. And it just gives me hope that I am on the right track to start being a seer again, the way I used to be.

The Importance of Being Jonny
01/24/13 11:56:41AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Keep the faith Sapphire, that's why they go away. Because we lose faith in our abilities. I know that firsthand and was even told I am the one causing the blockage.

The Importance of Being Jonny
01/24/13 06:11:08PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Yup! Since 2004. :)