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Waking the hell up!

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Pre-empath days I was a serious pushover. I let people be rude to me because I was a pacifist who didn't like confrontation. I let people talk to me any way they wanted to because I was respectful and didn't wanna come off otherwise. But what about me? Are my feelings insignificant?

After my awakening as an empath, I finally woke the hell up. Now, I would NEVER in any amount of eons let someone come at me disrespectfully. A wrath would be unleashed so hard that they would think twice to do it again. I look back on those days and I ask myself, "why?" Why would I allow myself to be treated in such a way. I've experienced moments right outta the Twilight Zone. One embarrassing moment that I'm only discussing to prove my point shows the kinda person I was. I ordered Dominos once and a young delivery guy came to my door and said: "You couldn't walk to the store?" My reaction: Silence and I gave him a $1 tip. It didn't phase me that he was not only rude to me, but unprofessional as a representative of a pizza chain, only thing that occurred to me was that I tip him for delivery.

It's behavior from myself like that that I loathe now and I can't believe that was once me. I still experience crazy stuff like that now, but I don't tolerate it. The way people treat me is indicative of their general behavior, but unless it personally offends me, I won't say anything. An example as recent as Monday, I went shopping and the girl who rang up my groceries took her time acknowledging me, began to ring up the lady in back of me, not letting me know the lady was before me. When she was done ringing me up, she doesn't even look me in my face, just hands me my receipt. The grocery guy who packed my bags saw me put my hand out to claim my baggage, but he just drops the bag on the counter and walks off.

This Twilight zone behavior is serious for an empath. I wasn't about to thank either one of them for pissy service. People nowadays work in establishments like supermarkets but fail to get any training on how to deal with customers. They hire any rude person off the street who's looking for a job.

I don't doubt this behavior is common among most HSP's cuz I was very sensitive and things offended me but I never thought to retaliate because that's not who I am. After my awakening, I realize now more than ever, I am a person too and I demand to be shown respect just as I would show you. What kinda world are we living in where behavior like that flies? The Twilight Zone *dizzy spiral thingy*


The Importance of Being Jonny
02/17/12 10:17:29AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Yeah, that moment is a moment I remember vividly and it's not my proudest moment but is a perfect example of how I was. I can't allow myself to be that way again. People literally walked over me for one reason, I let them.

The Importance of Being Jonny
02/18/12 11:03:26AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

I experience a lot of moments where rudeness happens to quick my brain doesn't know how to process it but I would never let someone be disrespectful to me. I always call people out on it. This moment with the delivery guy was 10+ years ago, it's in my past where it belongs but I thought it was a prime example of who I don't wanna be ever again.