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2011-My year in review

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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I always do this as a blog or a note on Facebook, but since I'm not feeling Facebooky lately, I'll post this here instead.

2011 was definitely the year of discovery for me. 2010 was my empathic discovery, and this year so many good things happened, as well as bad. I can't remember all the months when certain things happened, but I'll start with:

January-I greeted a young Israeli guy named Ben here on EC. He was very friendly and felt nice. He was definitely someone I knew in the past because the relationship was present in just the few short minutes we spent getting to know one another. I mistook his friendliness for weirdness at first. I wondered why he kept thanking me for being his friend. Well, it turned out he wasn't just a friend, but my little brother from about 2 lifetimes. That was a reunion I am glad to have had here. He's the little one and I love him dearly. I'm so glad to have met him now rather than later. We've had an amazing year getting to know one another. He's just so bubbly and full of life and passion. He's the one to cheer you up with his incessant emoticon faces and the one that tells you all will be alright.

He will be entering the Israeli Navy in March for 3 years, so in that short time, we must continue chatting, voice chatting and video chatting as well because I know once he leaves, the heartbreak will set in and it won't be pretty. :(

February-The beginning of the month was spent feeling very lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. I had no idea what was in store for this month, but thanks to Ben, I was able to meet my protector and the one who has been guiding me all my life--Archangel Gabriel. He had a message for me and my 2 brothers Wolf and Ben and used Ben as a conduit to deliver that message to me. He came through as I was chatting with Ben online and gave me some choice words of inspiration and simply let me know that people will come and go from my life, but he will ALWAYS be with me so I should never fear.

On Valentine's Day, even his words of encouragement couldn't lift my head as I was severely unimpressed with myself. That was a day that I usually spend alone and sad because things aren't how they should be with me--love wise and everything wise. Gabriel wasn't done with me. He previously delivered two messages to me, on February 5 and the day before my birthday, the 7th. But this day was the day he revealed his light to me. On my way to school, just before I got on the bus, I was compelled to look up at the clear blue sky when right in front of me shot a golden streak of light which only I apparently saw. I looked around me, all were oblivious. The part of me that is indecisive thought it was part of an airplane that just happened to fall right in front of me, but the common sense and logical part of me knew it was my guide, Gabriel.

March-June-Since I can't remember what all happened in these months, I'm gonna note I was introduced to two more people from my past. More brothers. Aaron and Joshua. Aaron some may know as Mush Rooms here on EC. He felt like I needed to protect him the more I got to know him. As I had him close to me on FB, that feeling got stronger until I was compelled to get to the bottom of the feeling I've had subconsciously for a few weeks. He was indeed my little brother from another lifetime.

Joshua I reached out to on EC because I saw him around and felt I had to talk to him. Much like how I met Wolf. It wasn't until Joshua added me on FB that a subconscious feeling of an older brotherly figure overwhelmed me. I thought I had been through enough brotherly reunions through way of how they feel to me to be able to determine we were brothers in the past. Although I am not certain, I'm sure Josh was my older brother from a lifetime or more. The feeling was strong, strong enough for me to notice it after a while, like I did with Aaron.

July-My sister Malisa and kiddies came to visit NYC from Oregon. I enjoyed their company, even though I spent the last couple of days sick. I got to show them my school, even just for a little bit and we hung out and had a lot of fun. My brother Eli wanted me to take a vacation to visit Oregon because I was complaining about being stressed in NYC, having been through so many months of schooling without so much as a month off for rest.

August-In August, I was excited to be flying back to Oregon, my first time in 8 years but as my luck would have it, my pain disease flared up causing me much more stress. After having chest pain for a while, my doctor decided he wanted to admit me to the hospital. For once, i did not fight him and said he could go ahead with the admission. I could use the vacation before the vacation. I was in there for a week for chest related pains. I had trouble breathing and was just very stressed out. They did NOT want me flying, but I insisted because I needed to relax if it was the last thing that happened to me.

I was discharged and left NYC for Oregon two days later. The beginning of my vacation was spent taking it easy, but the entire week long trip left me so relaxed that i decided this would be a state I would move to if I am fortunate enough to get a place of my own in a short amount of time. Fact is, I am in the process of doing all that now. Wish me luck, because NYC is no longer the place for me. It's not conducive to my health and I'm stressed 24/7 which is bad.

September-December-After vacation, I started a verrry intense, and very stressful semester of school. I went into this knowing I am closer to graduation and I ended it feeling like such a failure as my graduation has been delayed further until I can pass certain classes which is up in the air when that will be exactly. So much went wrong this semester that I just want to forget it like it's a bad memory. I want no further reminders of how shitty it was and just move on with my life.

As 2012 approaches, I can't help but feel this is the year that something big will happen related to my spiritual growth. I dunno what that something is, but if it means I can help more people with what I can do, then I feel I am ready for my evolution.

May 2012 be a year full of growth, prosperity, fun, happiness and more reunions for myself and all those I care about. I am glad to have discovered my place as middle sibling in a trio of soul brothers and found even more brothers from other lifetimes. Having brothers was always something I wanted. It was like a fantasy growing up, now it's a reality regardless of DNA.