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Dream summoning

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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I have a prophet's mind and I'm always seeing pieces of a person's life, of reality, of a possible future or an unlikely future. I have relied on my dreams for a long time but nowadays I am dreaming, but not remembering them and I wonder what causes the memory blockage.

I've had rare occasions where I thought of something before bed and dreamt about it. The most vivid and erotic one I had was exactly that. I was quoting a line from Charmed--of course-- and typed as a Yahoo status "Dreams are just harmless erotic fun. Exotic. I said "exotic". I dunno what I did, but just having that quote in my mind brought on the most intense sexual dream I have ever had.

I got to thinking. I summoned that dream, so I know it can be done. But how am I doing it? As my mind grows more psychic by the day, I am trying my hardest to remember what my state of being was like, what my mind was like, what my environment was like, all at the time of the dream. Is it something I am tapping into or is it something else I haven't quite understood yet?

I believe once I learn to control my dreams, dream>>awaken>>remember, then I can move onto controlling my visions. I know I've been having visions in my sleep because the deja vu I have gives it away and there might be something oddly familiar about someone I see that I know I've experienced before even if I don't know the person well.

While I'm on the subject of dreams, I tend to dream random dreams that seem to be a mixture of fiction and fact. Like I may dream about someone's life, but some elements in the dream will be false. I dunno what it means, but this is why when I do dream about people I know, I put on my detective's hat cuz I need to find out if what I dreamt is true. I'm 50% right. In the past, I was 90%. I'm hoping to get up to 100% as I know I am meant to be.

I look forward to going to sleep at night because I enter REM sleep and my dreams start. But when I awaken and have no memory of a dream, my day is usually a dank one. Very depressing. :/