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Loss of identity

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Lately I've been tripping out over whether or not my personality is my own or someone else's. The personality I've had for years is not my own. I realize that now. It's a little bit of everybody I have come to know in the past couple years.

I don't recall how my own personality used to be. Then there's the realization that I am like certain people and have always been. But is this me being them because we are close or is this me coincidentally being just like them? Do I make any sense?

When i think of it, it's somewhat unsettling to know how I am, and how I act is nothing related to me as a person, rather it's related to whose personalities I have absorbed over the years. Do I like how I am now? Yeah. Do I wanna get rid of my personality? Not really. But do I want to know who I am without another's influence? Hell yeah.

Where am I? Where did I go?

As much as 'oh snap' has become part of my speech, I was never an oh snapper.

Oh snap,


The Importance of Being Jonny
05/30/11 09:49:03PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:
Thanks for replying Alesia. I will make it a topic.
The Importance of Being Jonny
06/02/11 04:57:45PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Hi Kasey, thanks for replying.

To be honest, the me that I am now I feel is the true me. And omg I guess that's why deep down I felt that the way I act is not the real me. For the longest time I felt like I was pretending to be someone I'm not and I just got why I thought that in the first place. Haha.

I guess when it comes to empaths absorbing personality traits we are meant to feel like those personalities we absorb is our own even though on the inside we know it is not. I truly do feel like the personality I have now is me, is the me that wanted to come out for a long time.