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Brothers GALORE!

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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If you dunno what this blog post is about then lemme tell you. When last I wrote I had 2, now I have three.

Mush Rooms who I like to call Kat started feeling quite brotherly to me for quite a while after he added me on Facebook. I wasn't paying attention to it until he commented my status one day and when I had him in thought I felt I had to tell him what I felt, so I did.

I went to Wolf and being who he is, he was not only able to confirm the feeling I felt, but saw Kat running to me in a field back in the late 1800s when I was an inventor. Kat looked up to me and often harassed me when I was busy in my shed. Kat seems like that type now. lol. No offense to him at all. The feeling I have is strong, that not only is he my brother, but I am very protective of him and look out for his well being.

The Mush Rooms I know is the one who buzzes around hopped up on all that sugar. Lotsa energy, my brother. Not only did I sense him myself, but I told Wolf "I have a strong feeling there will be a 4th brother, but I will find him, not you."

That is exactly what happened so in addition to finding him, my abilities are growing sharper. Kat is the first brother who felt like such before I discovered who he was. Wolf and Ben I was simply close to which resulted in my finding out we were related.

Kat completes the Charmed prophecy which is a story in itself. Wolf mentioned Kat felt foreign, like his blood wasn't 100% mine like if he was a half sibling. He is also not related to Wolf or Ben, just me from a separate lifetime.

So I now have 3 brothers I met here on EC. I continue to be so very thankful. If it weren't for how I feel inside, I would be so skeptical, but I accept them all as my blood in the present. Wolf, Ben and Kat all share my blood, it's just over time our blood has thinned out to separate bloodlines. That's why they're called past lives.

I am Wolf's little brother, Ben's big brother and Kat's le frer. :)

God works in wacky ways, that he does. I went from being absent a brotherly figure growing up because my own brother moved away to having not one, not two, but three brothers I never knew about.

Blessed be indeed