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Ask and ye shall receive

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Since I discovered Archangel Gabe was my angel, I've been asking him to show himself to me because I needed that confirmation cuz I have a tendency to doubt everything, even my doubts and that's bad.

Ironically after the blog I wrote this morning, as I waited for the bus for school, I focused up at the sky as it was a clear blue sunny early spring day. Before I knew it, a ball of light streaked downward then dissipated before my eyes. I looked around, no one else seemed to be looking up at the sky so it was meant for my eyes. I should also mention there was no sound of impact.

At first thought I knew it had to be an angel, at second thought I questioned whether it was a meteorite, a piece of a plane, anything but the feeling of it being an angel stood with me.

Gabriel has heard my cries to him lately and he showed me he exists so I can trust in him the way he wants me to. I will light a candle for him tonight at 11:11.

Thank you Gabriel.