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When they need you they find you

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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I'm still new to the whole empath thing so some things I am not catching on to until now.

I always encounter people in real life coming up to me, asking for my help or just wanting to talk to me, as any empath would. When it comes to the internet, I was always suspicious about who adds me on Facebook, especially if they didn't meet one or several of the criteria:

-Has a mutual friend

-Lives in or near my city

-Has same interests

-Has same groups

-Knows my email

-Knows my full name

Anything that would let me know this person found me through one of those few things. I seem to be getting quite a few people adding me from all over the US and different countries. Until I figured out why this could be happening, instead of denying their requests, I accepted them because I see now they may want my help and don't really know why they added me if they basically don't know who I am.

One woman, who seemed familiar somehow added me. She was one of those no mutual such and such people. I accepted her request and started talking to her. I had to ask her, "Theresa, are you from EC?". When she finally replied to my message, she said "Naw, honey. I'm not a college student, but thank you for assuming that."

It was an LOL moment, but she wasn't from EC either. We got to talking and she mentioned something about my light shining on dark areas and my being a teacher for those who don't know any better.

I don't know where that statement came from, but it solidified my suspicions of people reaching out to me either to help me, or to be helped. Theresa seems to want to help me and I accept it.

Just now I got a request from a woman from the Philippines. Same thing, no criteria was met so I introduced myself and we got to talking. She asked me where I'm from. I told her Brooklyn, NY. I just cut short the convo because it is getting late.

Even though I haven't fully come into my true potential as an empath, people see me and they are reaching out. So the suspicious, neurotic, paranoid of a person I used to be, but still am, I will put aside and see things for what they are and not as "I don't want strangers adding me".

This is God telling me that I have to try to help these people or allow their help in one way or another and I fully accept that. I said it before and I'll say it again, when I want to be left alone, people are always finding me but I will be glad to help out any way I can.

Anyone else this is happening to? Not just online, but anywhere? I must say, since I found out I was an empath this has been happening more often. I'm very tempted to ask how they found me, but I don't want to come off as saying I don't want to be friends either.

Blessed be,


The Importance of Being Jonny
01/30/11 11:21:08AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Thanks Sleepy.

Aw, thanks Lisa, but how so? We're all great in our own ways. RIght?

The Importance of Being Jonny
01/30/11 02:03:13PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

I'm glad I helped Ashley. :)

A friend told me just recently that you have to be aware of your surroundings. I think he means circumstances such as this. Don't see it as people randomly adding you, but acknowledge you are an empath and know that as empaths people will reach out to you somehow.

They dont have to know you, they just know how to find you. That's sorta creepy, but I embrace it. :)