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My year of 2010 in review

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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January-Still reeling from having been very ill in December. Now I was in make up assignments/finals mode and had to work quick.

February-To make myself feel better I invited my closest girl friends, dubbed "The Cheetah Girls" along with several others who all canceled last minute to help me celebrate my 27th birthday at Applebee's. It was just me, my cousin and 2 great friends.

LOL-the one time I try to smile for the occasion, I come out looking younger than I already do!


March-April-No memory unfortunately.

May-My brother and sister flew from Oregon to NYC to surprise my mother for her 65th birthday. My other sister planned a big party in celebration and I sat back and watched as my mom celebrated probably the happiest moment of her life to date.


June-August-One of the best summers I ever had simply because it was spent being sloth-like as I was officially on sabbatical from school. Weeknights were awesome because I had an extended Charmed marathon to help keep me in great spirits. The whole experience was different and something I have to try again.

Aside from the summertime heat, I couldn't really complain. I was working on my weight loss goals and eating habits had gotten better so things were looking up instead of spiraling down as it often did.


July-I'd began having thoughts of myself being or not being an empath. Some THING was calling me, telling me to do research, learn more and accept this part of me that I did not know was there before. I googled "Am I an empath?" and found the Empath Community. I joined and things took off from there. Turns out, I not only was an empath, but I always have been.

August-I meet Wolf Rain, a connection was felt by the both of us in regard to each other. I couldn't really talk to him at the moment because I made plans to get away from NYC for 11 days and spent that time in Maryland. He as well went on a getaway and couldn't talk to me. That's just the first of many twin-like things we both experienced in our own separate lives.


I traveled Amtrak for the first time by myself and it was such a freeing experience. I felt like the adult I always wanted to be but never had the chance to be. While most of the vacation was spent at my aunt's home alone, I still appreciated the fact I got away from all things stressful: Family, friends and environment.43_blogs.jpg


September-Wolf and I begin chatting more and everything started becoming clear. We were brothers in multiple lifetimes. He's the otherolder brother I always thought of but never knew I had. Our spiritual connection as well as a mutual friend's started blossoming. The friendships I had prior to this were destroyed so God could guide me to those who werereally meant for me.

I come to terms with the fact that although we are neighbors geographically, it's best if we don't meet each other for fear that the spiritual connection we've had for lifetimes, the same one that drew me to him on this very site would start to fade. It's so cliche actually. Destined to be reunited, but can never meet. It's like a knife to the heart every time I think about it because I can say with certainty, he's the one I've been searching for all my life but didn't know.

Whether it's the right thing to do or not, I still want him most of all to think hard about the idea. We weren't given a chance in our present lives and located in NYC and NJ respectively all to ignore the possibility of meeting.

After a full semester/year off, I start back school with an awesome schedule and determination for things to be different. Although long and boring, I hung in there and stood my ground and earned a B, B+ and B.

I also started physical therapy for my cervical spine defect. It was a relaxing thing to do twice a week for temporary pain relief.


October-December-School was coming to an end. I complained every step of the way, but the semester was now over. And I am currently relaxing, awaiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Day so I can start one of many new things for the year of 2011, but first up-Winter semester where I plan to complete my credits for the Fall/Winter term.

Here's hoping 2011 brings new wonders, amazement and bliss for me and those I care about.

Blessed be,


The Importance of Being Jonny
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