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An idea for my Short Fiction class

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Only, the story won't be fiction, but it sounds fictional enough to some people. This class btw I am registered for in the spring. I think this as well as a creative writing class will help improve and fine tune my writing skills since I'd like some semblance of a career writing stuff.

I thought to turn the past 4 months here on EC into a "fictional" story and see how well my professor likes it. I would write about how all my life I felt a certain way, different, sensitive and alone. How along the span of my life I discovered I was an empath. I would be adding huge amounts of personal and real things with the occasional fictional twist.

I think the story itself would be so out there that it may just be something my professor would enjoy reading. My first short story I ever wrote was in 2008 and it was a minor assignment the entire class did in class. All I did was add elements of my favorite show Charmed and it turned out to be not only something the professor enjoyed reading, but the class as well. I had to make copies and pass it around. I think I even let one classmate have it.

I never expected that response to my writing. It's as if my words were new and exciting and had a lust which lured in those who read it.

This idea came to me today actually. This is a way for me to tell everyone without having to tell anyone. Of all things, who would write about becoming an empath...fictionally? Right? I think I may be onto something and this is just the first of possibly many ideas.

I never thought I'd be brave enough to take another writing/english class after my required english courses were completed. Like I said, it would help me expand my writing capabilities and know how to properly write a good story. Plus I even think it'll help me learn the meaning to certain words like "hyperbole" which I hear is used often in writing. It's as easy as me Googling the word, but will I remember the definition? Not so much..

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